Lexus luxury car in Japan

Especially to be able to compete in America, with the big luxury cars Toyota came up with the idea to develop a separate brand which made only large luxury cars. Thus, in 1989 the first Lexus in the market, which quickly became a huge success in the States.


The Lexus is actually the more luxurious brother of Toyota. In 1983 it was the then Toyota Chairman Eiji Toyodo who talked to a select group of engineers from Toyota. The topic: to design the best luxury car that's ever been there.


In 1989 suddenly pops the name Lexus, produced by Toyota. The Lexus is a luxury class car that especially in America a full concurrnt of Mercedes-Benz and BMW.
The origin of the name Lexus is not known, but it is probably an abbreviation of ?? Luxury Cars for Export to the US ??.
  • In 1989, in January will be presented at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the LS 400. A large limousine that once the quietest car of all time. This model is released in Europe. In the following year sold nearly 64,000 copies
  • In 1991 come the SC400 coupe and ES300 sedan on the market
  • In 1992 there will be modern LS400 on the market, including modernized belt tensioners, airbags and a second modified suspension
  • In 1993, the GS300, a smaller four-door model
  • In 1996 d LX450 is placed on the market, the first sports car
  • In 1998 the RX300 SUV and the roll out factory

The GS300 and LS400 have been replaced. The LS430 is an upgraded version of its predecessor. Then comes the IS200 and the SC430 coupe cabriolet market.
  • In 2005, an announcement is made that the next 15 months, 22 new or redesigned models will be released. Starting with the IS220d, the first diesel engine
  • In 2005 also come Hybrid luxery SUV RX400h and IS250.
  • In 2006 only in the United States more than 320,000 cars sold ?? s, more than any other car manufacturer ?? s.

Lexus in 2007

The Lexus 460 is a car that includes seat heating and seat ventilation, radar cruise control, bluetooth, navigation etc. The LS460 is a car that already has several awards from the ERC. So got the car:
  • Auto 2007 Innovation Award given in the Safety category. It is awarded by the car magazine AutoWeek ?? ??
  • In New York, the car voted ?? World Car of the Year 2007 ??. A jury from 22 countries had to choose from a selection of 28 cars ?? s.

Presented at the auto show in New York may be the LX570. This car is known in Europe under the name Toyota LandCruiser. The car will be available in early 2008, and becomes the great rival of the Mercedes GL-Class.
The a harbinger of the new RX is presented at the Tokyo Motor Show. This is probably d LF-XH hybrid SUV. He is bigger than its predecessor, only the wheelbase is over 10 cm wider.
Two concept cars presented at the Detroit Motor Show; the IS-F and LF-A. The latter is a supercar with a V10 engine, more than 500pk and a maximum speed of 320 k / h.
January 2009 announced that the Lexus HS250h hybrid drive is available. The first hybrid vehicle from Lexus, available from the summer in the United States.