Loopfiets, toddlers love it

Previously preschoolers were mainly on bikes with training wheels or a tricycle. Nowadays you see more balance bikes in the streets. The balance bike is also very good for developing balance. Because they a running bike can develop a decent speed you will see larger children often ride alongside their parents on their balance bike. A balance bike for a child less tiring than walking. Therefore it is a good idea if for example, you go somewhere where a lot of running is going to be to take the ride-your child. You see more and more preschoolers sit on a balance bike. The reason why this is, is very simple. With a balance bike walking is much easier to learn than bicycles. And it costs little children less muscle than just cycling. And because the feet touch the ground, children are often less anxious.

What is a balance bike?

A balance bike you can actually best be compared with a conventional bicycle or tricycle, but without pedals.

Types balance bikes

Balance bikes do you have today in many shapes and sizes. So you have balance bikes made of wood, aluminum and plastic. But you also have balance bikes with two, three or four wheels. Loopfietsen taking you from a four-wheeler can create a three- or two-wheeler. Loopfietsen with a footboard or a balance bike with or without stand.

At what age a balance bike?

Most toddlers get from them a year or two, their first bike. Usually they do not yet straight away by road. They do not know how to pedal and they often still lack the strength to kick. A balance bike, however, can be used often as a child can walk. On average, is that with such a fifteen months. But there are also children who had previously coped with a balance bike than they can run. Just a matter of trying so.

What balance bike is most suitable?

Provide a high quality and robust balance bike. You've got these plastic barrel bikes of 10-15 euros. But that often fall quite quickly and are easily damaged. The four- and three-wheeled walking bikes are relatively briefly. This is because you can not raise the seat. A two-wheeled balance bike has a saddle that is adjustable in height. Usually as a bicycle last three to four years.
The first balance bike is the best a three- or four-wheeler. In such a tricycle or quadricycle children do not find their balance. However, they learn well how to run with the balance bike and especially how to steer. From a year or two you can buy a balance bike with two wheels. On a two-wheeled balance bike go small children learn well to keep their balance. In the beginning, they will move forward step by step with the balance bike. But after a few weeks they will have by this good and they'll be racing already well with it. Because small children through the use of a two-wheeled balance bike soon learn to keep their balance, the transition to a regular bike without wheels they often easier. This is because they already know how to keep their balance on two wheels.

What to look for when buying a two-wheeled balance bike?

Among the different brands bicycle course is quite a difference. So it's not always easy to find the right balance bike. But there are some important points that need to be watched.
  • Straps with air
  • Cover the stem
  • Handles with shock caps
  • Loopfiets should be firm and robust
  • Balance bike should not be too heavy
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Wide spokes in the wheel

The balance bike is available in different sizes. But the best is to buy a balance bike that can grow still. The child should be able to get both feet on the ground when the seat is at its lowest state. Not with the tips of the toes, but really good to hit the ground. The child must be able to keep the bike in balance.