MG car after Morris Garages

In 1968 merged with British MG Lelyand. This puts an end to the independence of MG, Morris Garages. A few years later, Leyland over the Rover Group, which went bankrupt in 2005. Less than 2 months later, the company owned by the Chinese NAC, which will blow in the MG new life.


In 1913 William Morris focuses its business on Morris Garage MGs. He quotes at the beginning of the 20s Cecil Kimbel inside. Cecil will soon make some changes in the design of the cars.
Especially in the years after World War shows MG enormously popular, but after that everything runs much stiffer and harder. After World War II, the export started and change models more and more towards sports.
In 1963 William Morris dies at the age of 86 years. He did not have to experience that his company five years later will merge with British Leyland.

MG after the merger with British Leyland

In the years up to 1990 were the car ?? s actually herlabelde and tuned Maestro ?? s, Montego ?? s ?? s and Subway. In 1980, production ceases in Abingdon.
  • 1986 British Leyland becomes the Rover Group
  • 1988, British Aerospace acquires beneficial ownership of MG
  • 1991, the beginning of the sport versions of Austin Rover and is brought on the market under the name of MG. Yet there is an own sports car, based on the MGB roadster bodyshell, namely the MGRV8, which comes out in 1992
  • 1994 BMW take over ownership of MG
  • In 1995, the MGF is presented, a convertible sportscar. A success and return of MG.
  • 2000 MG comes back to the MG Rover Group
  • 2000 MG X10 will be marketed, a sporty version of the Rover 75
  • In 2002, the successor of MGF is MGFT, a convertible that is the best selling car in its segment. It's a wagon with locking with remote control, alarm, airbags, ABS and more.
  • 2003, a special edition of the MGFT, the Brooklands comes out.
  • 2005, April 7 Rover goes bankrupt and the curtain falls for MG.

MG after bankruptcy

The company Nanjing Automobile Corporation, which includes the SOYAT models built was on July 22, 2005 the owner of the brand names, production and all equipment development labs.

MG in 2007

  • In March, the production restart of the MG TF and MG 7, known as the MG ZT. The intention is to produce for the domestic and foreign, in total 200 000 units. The car ?? s will differ little from their predecessors, the British flag still adorns the body.
  • In June rolls Longbridge the MGTF again from the factory. NAC launched the open two-seater.
  • In July, the Chinese company Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. announced its intention to merge with the NAC. Both companies were already signed a letter of intent.
  • In September, was officially presented to the MG 7, comes in three different versions. The car is for sale in China for about 12 600 English pounds to 23,000 pounds, depending on the type. Prices include Europe are not yet known.

MG 2008

In early 2008 the MGTF will be in showrooms in Spain. This car will be built in China and not in England, where only RHD car ?? s are made.
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