MG, Morris Car Garages

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In 1913, a company founded in England by William Morris. He calls his company Morris Garages. Actually, this car known as a sports car, but it's not always that way. Especially in the years after the First World War, this car was immensely popular.


MG is short for Morris Garages. The company was originally a dealer for automobiles Morris, and owned by William Morris later Lord Nuffield. In 1934 he received the title of Baron and four years later he was digging. He chose the name to the village in Oxford where he lived.
William Morris was born in 1877, education has followed until he was 15, then he went to work as a bicycle in Oxford. Later he was maintenance for motorcycles and then cars ?? s. He belonged to one of the first British entrepreneurs who introduced methods for mass production.

History until the 40 years ??

  • 1913, Morris Garages founded in fact and this year appears already the first Morris, Morris Oxford or 1913
  • In 1919, the company is renamed Morris Motors Ltd
  • 1921, Cecil Kimber was appointed as General Manager. This lover of sports cars and special designs, began including lowering the chassis and fitting more sporting bodywork.
  • In 1924, the company Carbo Dies in Coventry founded by Kimber. Here the production of both two- and four-seater ?? s set. The car ?? s were sold under the name MG. Include MG Special four-seater Sports. Also in this year the octagonal logo was put into use.
  • In 1927, the production moves to a new factory, partly due to the success of the MG Midget, based on the Morris Minor.
  • 1928 MG is officially split from Morris Garages. The MG 18/80 is presented, also available in an open version.
  • In 1929, it is moved to Abindon near Oxford. The company will be renamed the MG Car Company

During the early years of the ?? 30 mg of the name was seen as a synonym with ?? ?? sports car. The cars of this brand were promoted in successful races. In 1935 sold its founder, William his private companies to Morris Motors.

MG from 1940 until the merger

  • In 1941, the Abingdon factory starts without Cecil Kimber to convert to war production. Cecil had trouble adjusting the necessary procedures. Cecil dies in 1945.
  • In 1941, the MG TC sports car comes into production in 1950.
  • In 1947, the MG Y sedan is introduced
  • In 1950, there will be a successor to the TC, namely the TD. Yet the fans were upset that the traditional spoke wheels were replaced with disk wheels. Nevertheless, this model was a huge success. Nearly 30,000 cars ?? s rolled out factory, of which there were about 24,000 to America.
  • In 1953, the successor to the TD is the TF, a heavier car than its little brother, but with poorer performance. By a year later to increase the engine capacity MG trying to make a better salable car. Unfortunately, in 1955 there were only 10,000 cars sold ?? s. The production was discontinued.
  • In 1955, the MG A is presented, it will be the most successful model of MG. The two-seat roadster had an engine of 1489 cc and could reach a top speed of nearly 160 km p / h. The car was delivered on standard steel disc wheels, wire spoke wheels could be provided as an extra. The car was produced until 1962, when there were more than 100,000 cars sold ?? s.
  • In 1956, the more powerful version of the MG A comes on the market, namely the MG A TwinCam. This car had an engine displacement of 1588 cc, and could drive faster than 20 km of the MG A.
  • 1963, William Morris dies
  • 1968 MG is a merger with British Leyland, this meant the end of an independent MG.