MINI Coupe and MINI Roadster

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The wayward car brand MINI, part of BMW, comes with two new models in its range: the MINI Coupé and MINI Roadster. Based on the new New MINI, introduced in 2001, the brand has already put several variants on the market. Now there is a two-seater added: the Coupé and an open version of this: the Roadster.

Mini Coupe and Mini Roadster

Quirky car brand Mini comes with two new models in its range: the Mini Coupe and Mini Roadster. Based on the new Mini, introduced in 2001, the brand has already put several variants on the market. Now there are two-seaters added: the Coupe and the Roadster.

The Mini

The Mini is finally in 1959 by the British Motor Corporation put on the market. The car was designed for BMC considered that the market asked for a small car, with still plenty of room inside. So there had to be room for four people.
In 1957 Alec Issigonis was asked to develop a prototype car for four people. The car had to have an existing BMC engine and emphatically be smaller than the current car ?? s from the BMC business: Morris and Austin. In 1958 the chairman of BMC could make the first test drive in two prototypes developed. This was so ?? s success that the project was converted into a production line in 1959 was striking that the two marks under BMC both came with a model on the market. Austin brought out the Austin Seven and the Morris Morris Mini Minor. The Mini was born.
The little car was the first car in the world with a transverse engine and front wheel drive. In 1961 the variant Mini Cooper became available. The name of John Cooper, an expert in the field of boosting engines became forever linked to the faster variant of the Mini. In 1967, the Austin and Morris names were omitted and the Mini was a brand in itself. Until 2000 the car was produced.

The new Mini: New MINI

Car brand BMW has bought the rights to the brands Mini and in 2001 introduced its plans with the car: the New MINI. In 2001, the first New MINI on the market. The first glance you do indeed suggest that underlies this car the famous Mini. However, the New MINI is actually a completely new car. It is significantly larger, wider than the small cart. The car is characterized by a very good handling and is available in many different colors: many components are adjustable in many colors and prints. Think of the mirrors, roof, lights, everything. Because of this many choices, the customer can fully customize the car to your liking and you rarely see exactly the same two New MINI ?? s street driving. The New MINI is available in the variants: MINI One, MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S. The difference is mainly in the motor part of the car. The Cooper and Cooper S are for the sporty driver.

New members in the family of the New MINI

In 2006 BMW brings an open variant of the New MINI on the market. In 2007 follows the first real brother: the MINI Clubman: a station wagon variant of the New MINI. A remarkable vehicle with two rear doors. The audience had to get used, but also embraced this MINI.
In 2010 MINI with a surprising model on the market: the first MINI that is longer than four meters. It is the MINI Countryman. An adult car with the model as a basis for the New Mini. He stands higher on the wheels, thereby tending towards SUV-like car. The MINI Countryman is available in the versions One, Cooper and Cooper S. Optionally, the MINI Countryman is also available as a four-wheel drive, for those who want to test the car thoroughly in the rougher terrain.
2011 is the year of the introduction of the two-seater: the MINI Coupé. Clearly recognizable is again that the New MINI served as the basis for this sporty-looking coupe. That it is a car that aims for sporting employed drivers, it appears from the availability of only Copper and Cooper S models. In 2012, the MINI Coupé will have an open variant: the MINI Roadster. The big difference between the MINI Roadster and MINI Convertible is that the Roadster is really made for two people.


BMW with its MINI brand has even more in store, only time will tell. At the auto show in Detroit in 2011 MINI revealed its concept of the MINI Paceman. A car based on the platform of the MINI Countryman and so again a larger model than the standard New MINI. This model is not put in an existing category car ?? s and therefore introduces the MINI Sports Activity Coupé. Whether he's coming, it still remains a question. Or is there perhaps a SUV-like model? In any case, it is not quiet at MINI.