Modified service NS: How, what and when?

Winter and NS; a combination not always so beloved. Under certain circumstances, the NS may decide to use the tailored scheduling so as to reduce the likelihood of delays.

What is the NS amended timetable?

The NS only be scheduled at high risk of delays due to winter weather conditions for example. In that case, drive it throughout the Netherlands about 20% fewer trains. In the Randstad there are even 50% fewer trains. In this region, the trains during timetables adapted every half hour instead of once in the quarter. Also are generally shorter trains used to prevent problems with bills for example. It is hoped that this chance to jam a railway train, and this causes many travelers delay decreases. Sometimes some additional NS trains deployed as on certain holidays and sporting events.

When the schedule is adjusted?

The NS timetable may be adapted for various reasons.
Expected crowds on holidays
On holidays, such as King's, always many more people traveling by train than on normal days. Therefore, the NS will on this day extra trains, certainly expected on the routes on which the crowds are like around Amsterdam.
Snow and frost
From the winter of 2013/2014 the amended timetable of the train starts on the first day of winter with a 10% probability of 1.5 cm of snow. The years before this was at a rate of 10% on any snow, regardless of the amount. The NS timetable may from winter 2013/2014 to be adjusted at least 50% chance of severe frost. This was a 10% chance of severe frost in the previous years.
When a storm is predicted with gusts of a very high speed, the NS may, with the amended timetable riding. Especially if the storm takes place in the autumn, when there are still many leaves are on the trees, it is more likely than there are trees on the tracks or that leaves a lot of land on the rails that can cause problems.
Extreme heat
In extremely hot weather can be chosen, for putting in the revised timetable. Due to the extreme heat trains can break more easily and can expand the track. By putting in fewer trains NS hopes to solve any problems faster.

Travel Forum

Normally timetables adapted one day in advance announced by the NS. This is because NS must prepare, for example, the use of trains and personnel. You can plan your trip using the journey planner on the NS website. Do this on a day when the trains with an amended timetable drive as short as possible in advance. Than his current changes and processes as well as possible delays in the timetable.
As you timetables adapted well from which track your train leaves. This is often different than the tracks from where the train departs normally.

Second Parliamentary questions surrounding the amended timetable

There is regular feedback on the revised timetable of NS. This would be too easily used and trains would be too short allowing travelers like herrings in a barrel are packed. Unacceptable, says Parliament. Therefore from the winter of 2013/2014 longer trains in case of a custom schedule, eliminating the problem of overcrowded trains in any case can be largely resolved.
The number of days on which the NS adjusted timetable should be used is reduced from an average of 12 to 10 since the winter of 2013/2014. Too often the amended timetable is deployed while afterwards it could be worse turns to fall. On the day of NS can not turn back the revised timetable. The day before his special preparations so not all trains are at their normal place. NS indicates rather too much at once, but to little to drive timetables adapted once.
When there are expected several days of severe frost in the same week, with less severe frost on the intervening days, NS held until the winter of 2013/2014 also on the intervening days timetables adapted to. Because travelers indicated that they find it very undesirable, the trains from the winter of 2013/2014 on light frost days following the normal timetable.

Refunds for delays

Are you, despite the use of the amended timetable, hampered by delays during your journey and for this delay is more than 30 minutes? You can recover the amount of travel. This can be done online at the website of the NS, but also with a paper 'Refunds for delays' form which is available at all railway stations. Even if you're traveling with a subscription or public transport card you can get back a part of the amount for the trip.

How do you know if an amended timetable is going to be used?

NS makes deploying timetables adapted always widely known, including via messages broadcast on the station and on the train, and via teletext page 751, the NS Journey Planner, Twitter and the website of the NS. There is also the opportunity to receive a free text message when the train with an adjusted timetable riding. On the website of the NS you can sign up for this service.