More economical driving: New Driving

Driving is becoming more expensive, the car ?? s, the taxes and the prices of raw materials. Netherlands is the country with the highest prices of petrol, diesel and LPG. But how can it be more economical and better? How do you keep the money in your pocket instead of in the car. Read all about it in this article.

What are the benefits of the New Driving?

You may have heard of The New Driving, a program that wants to make people aware of the fact that things can be different. They stimulate an energy-efficient driving and purchasing behavior. The government wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% by 2020 and to this every driver can contribute. When you drive under these tips You can easily save 10% of fuel per tank, which are about 100 kilometers you can drive over extra.

How do I drive more economically?

A first point where you can save huge on is switching. Do not pull these speeds due to the high altitudes. Turn a diesel car at 2300 rpm and 2800 rpm in a petrol car. This means that you if you drive 50 kilometers per hour, drive in fourth gear. For 80 kilometers per hour you drive in fifth gear.
Runs at a steady pace in a gear that matches the speed. The highest possible gear with the engine still running smoothly without roar and where the revolutions are too high. Evenly drive also has the advantage that your car is not as fast wear.
By enough distance to keep your pastor can properly anticipate what could possibly come. When your space cushion is large enough, you have a smaller chance that many accidents happen. When you see that you must reduce let the car roll over rate rather than inhibiting the last moment. Braking always takes more gas than if you let the car roll.
Do not drive too fast. When you drive faster speeds, increase fuel consumption. Runs never exceed the speed limit or driving even on the highway ten kilometers per hour slower. This saves a lot of fuel you consume. When ninety kilometers per hour in fifth gear is the most economical.
Turn off the engine when standing in front of a trace to wait or if you have to wait more than one minute. When the engine one or more minutes let alone when you are stationary, you use fuel needlessly.

Before I start driving

When you set off, always make sure you have planned the shortest route. Check in advance whether there were any barriers and where the traffic jams. Make a decision about what is the most advantageous drive below.
Avoid unnecessary weight and drag. Remove when you are on holiday was the roof box or bike rack on your car. A convertible car with the top down has a greater resistance than a car with a fixed roof. Even an open window giving more resistance.
Check at least once a month the tire pressure. This also saves the costs. You can, after all, a bicycle with inflated tires also better and easier than riding a bike with softer tires.
If you are planning to buy a new car always ask for the energy that a car. When a car has an energy label A, You can easily save 20% more fuel than an average car. An energy varies from A to G, wherein A is the best label. Because the government wants to encourage energy-efficient car ?? s you when buying a car with a healthy energy consumption lower purchase tax, road tax or addition.