Motorcycle Helmet Schuberth C3: System helmet

The 3rd edition of this highly anticipated successful motorcycle helmet is a fact. It is the lightest, smallest and strongest helmet on the market. Every time a very successful model and a trendsetter in its kind, which are the characteristics of Schuberth. Here we look at his absolute advantages and in which models you can find it.

Helmets system

A great reliability, service and quality for many people are the strengths of the Schuberth C3 helmet. Since the trend in the eighties to make a helmet system with more capabilities, this idea came from the home of Schuberth. To be clear this is a helmet with the chin piece can be closed, and up to can click above. Thus several systems. Easy to put your helmet on your head, and the refreshment when it opens after a ride.

The familiarity of Schuberth

A successful concept, if we see that this German company today about 1.5 million helmets produced each year. Other played in it. There is the BMW brand was the last years was satisfied with the results, and they took a share of the production under their own brands, successfully. The story continues, many Formula 1 drivers like Schumacher and Nico Rosberg were the first to wear this during the race. Not only do they make in terms of sports cars and motorcycles certain helmets but also models for the fire, the building also had even the military in various countries helmets from this producer.

The C3 helmet

As the title suggests, this helmet is currently the lightest, most compact and most secure helmets that there bestaan.Door a composition in the helmet STRONG Fibre, it returns a lightweight can tolerate serious punches. Will there even when you're equipped with a built-in sun visor and metal closures. A major plus is the attenuation of the sound to the engine. Testing with noise level of 84 decibels at 100 km / h makes this helmet is unique. A good solution for those who suffer from the ears on motorways by wind noise.
Available sizes: these are available in sizes: 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64
Available colors: shiny black, matte black, white, red, anthracite, silver and new: fluorescent yellow and orange
Prices: Between 519 and 599 euros

Options and possibilities

Optionally, you can at this helmet also purchase a bluetooth communication system under the title This is tailor-made for this kind of helmets and makes communication possible between the passenger and / or other motorcyclists nearby. To further respond to security since this year they are also available in fluorescent orange as you could already read. This in order to improve the visibility, which is a problem so much in case of accidents.

Women's helmet?

Another nice detail to know is that the C3 helmet, there is also now available for ladies. Specially made and designed. For the men there is also the Schuberth Mobility Program, a service that you are in an accident reimbursed a new helmet on payment of one third of the original price. So as never to ride with a broken helmet.


From my own experience the latest Schuberth is an excellent choice that is worth the investment. Significantly save on security is something that is not associated with motorcycling. Choose a proper helmet that offers enough support. Due to its light weight, it is a pleasure to wear and it is very comfortable because the inside feels like velvet. It is better to double visor fogging of your display screen and the numerous air vents to the top of the head a fresh breeze.