Motorist often ill-prepared to abroad

The Dutch driver is ill-prepared for holiday. We assist the German gas station to refuel and did not know that Euro-95 as "Super" hot. People often do not think that in France an alcohol tester, safety vest and warning triangle mandatory supposed to be in the car. Do not forget the other important stuff for disasters, emergencies and car trouble on the way. Avoid unsafe situations and emergencies. Take blankets if you get unlucky on the night, and water if your daytime hours in the hot sun is established.

General Precautions

Always a safety hammer with which you can type in the window as the car eg. Into the water. And take care of reflective jackets, because they are abroad often mandatory.

Car laden high

If you have a roof box transports you there undoubtedly advance to ensure that the maximum roof load and the maximum permissible mass not be exceeded. A risk that you especially after departure due to consider the altered behavior of the vehicle, such as the car in bends will bank earlier. Berg just light stuff in the roof box and adjust the travel speed. Secretly ?? m is of course the fact that at some point during the ride forget that your car is higher than normal, and therefore perhaps touches something in a garage or in another underpass.

Car stolen

Will not easily occur, but very dramatic when you come to walk with his wife and children and surprise finds that the thing is no longer there. Make sure you have the policy number and telephone number of the insurer at hand. Doe also reported to the police. Also remember to keep all receipts and receipts for the extra costs associated with the declaration.

Children in backseat

The less the kids attention while driving asking the safer the ride. To keep the little ones quiet, you can pack up some inexpensive gifts and provide for the long ride as a reward.

Traffic Violation abroad

If you are abroad will be fined, then pay him equal as may have occasion. That's often cheaper than wait, because chances are now that the picture, once you're home, still falls to the mat and must be paid. This also applies if you flashed somewhere is because of speeding.

Collision abroad

Unlike the Netherlands, you have to enable the police always abroad, otherwise you may be accused of failure to stop after an accident. Furthermore, the collision will be handled according to the rules on the spot, but a lot is equal to a Dutch situation, namely:
  • Spot collect as much evidence, so write down names of witnesses and take pictures.
  • Along with the counterparty to complete a European Accident.
  • Inform your insurance company from your foreign address and, if necessary, ask for advice.

Economical driving

To keep fuel costs down, the pressure should ok and you have to brake as little as possible. But of course you should also avoid traffic jams, using date traffic information. And if you fill up but also must use so ?? n dirty toilet, wash your hands with a disinfecting cloth.

By intense heat or severe cold

Care, depending on the temperatures you expect to encounter, always plenty of drinking water on board and warm clothes / blankets etc. because it is not imaginary da je is certain hours because of a breakdown or traffic jams. And are there enough additional drugs to as the ride unexpectedly catching a lot of delay. Do you also like mother who is traveling there on alert, especially for older people often use several drugs.