Motorway - When 130, 120, 100 km / h or less

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On Dutch motorways are by default a legal maximum speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour. To relieve stress on the environment, reduce the noise and to promote road safety, the speed limit on highways or portions of highways will be reduced to 120 or 100 kilometers per hour. Lower speeds may be in matrix boards or other boards that control the speed displayed. Road signs and mile marker governing the maximum allowed speed in a row!

Drive highways: up to 130 km. per hour

Applies standard a maximum speed of 130 km / h on motorways, for example, sharp bends or short slip roads may indicate a lower speed limit. It can also apply to highways that have been constructed in the immediate vicinity of inhabited and / or along or through a nature reserve. This is to promote safety and to maintain a pleasant living environment.
Maintaining a lower speed causes less air pollution, less noise and leads to fewer and less severe accidents.

Matrix Signs - electrical signaling boards

By default, the maximum speed is displayed on signs above or along the road when driving on the motorway or change their speed over a certain distance on the highway. Separately, matrix signs may indicate a speed. The lower speed limit which is indicated on the matrix signs leading and should be followed. This includes traffic that temporarily indicated a slower rate, for example road works and closures.
The lowest specified maximum speed is always guiding!

Max speed 130, 120, 100 km / h or less

With each sweep of a motorway are the round, familiar road signs indicating the speed limit
signs which indicate the restriction of the maximum speed for a certain time, so you can see what the legal maximum speed.
There is no road sign indicating the speed, then applies the default max speed of 130 km / h.
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2 3
3 4
At each transition of the maximum speed limit on the motorway, this is indicated by one of the following traffic signs with a black background.
When a trajectory change the maximum speed limit on the motorway during certain hours -on the signs, this is indicated by one of the following signs:

Rush-hour lane Signs

At a range with an opened striker strip, the maximum permissible speed indicated by the following signs:
Please note the maximum permissible speed indicated by any of the above signs, valid until altered by another road speed is indicated. The old road A2 is no longer applied.

Hectometer Poles with speed indicator

The mile marker are lined up along the highway every 100 meters. As a reminder, every kilometer will be the applicable maximum permissible speed are indicated in the following manner, with or without a timestamp during which time the applicable statutory rate.

Maximum speed limit on the motorway

Legally permitted maximum speed on the highway for the different categories of vehicles or combination of vehicles.

General rules on the motorway

The use of a motorway is only permitted for drivers of motor vehicles capable of a speed of at least 60 kilometers per hour and can be driven.
A parking lot located on the motorway or service station is not a part of the motorway.
  • it is an offense for drivers on a highway to return to their vehicle or drive in reverse
  • it is an offense for drivers on the carriageway of a motorway to make their vehicle stand
  • except in the event of emergencies road users on the motorway no use of the emergency lane, the refuge or the roadside
  • on a highway, the driver of a motor vehicle with trailer ?? if that combination more than 7 meter and drivers of goods vehicles is prohibited on a roadway with three or more lanes to use any other than the two rightmost lanes. The prohibition does not apply in case they need to sort