Movement restriction and scooter

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A mobility scooter is a three-wheeled, four-wheel or even vijfwielig transport. The drug is mainly used by disabled people and people with restricted mobility. Simply stated, it is a chair on wheels, provided with a steering wheel and propelled by an electric motor.

Shopping with the scooter

Especially the first few scooters were comfortable disabled carts on many developments and application techniques is a scooter has become a very popular means of transport, especially for the elderly. Older people who have difficulty walking longer but in many cases shorter distances and still remain mobile to buy a scooter for example, often to shop. But the quiet walking shopper is not always happy with mobility scooters in a mall. Especially not when the rider of a scooter is not at the maximum speed of six kilometers per hour keeps prevailing on the pavement and therefore also in the pedestrian zone.

Numbers and accidents

It is expected the number of scooters will quadruple over the coming years to a total of 600,000. Hopefully the number of accidents not go in proportion with the figures because there are about 650 accidents a year occur which some even fatal.

Technical data

A scooter is electrically powered and has a battery for it. The maximum achievable speed is typically around 19 kilometers per hour. The distance that can be traveled before the battery needs to be recharged varies by model and is usually several tens of kilometers. Under normal use the battery lasts an average of several years.

Officially transport

Driving a scooter is allowed on a roadway moped path, bike path and sidewalk. Mobility scooters are usually allowed in supermarkets, department stores and buildings such as hospitals and the like. Sometimes, however, they must stay outside as in ordinary shops and some public buildings. In a number of museums it is possible to move in a special museum wheelchair. Because a scooter as an official vehicle is considered they must be provided when driving in the dark by lighting both front and rear.

Folding scooter

In order to be able to take more easily, for example, in a car, there are foldable scooters in which components can be detached in order to be placed in a trunk. The removable parts are often the seat, battery and portions of the frame which can be removed without tools. Another advantage of the collapsible scooters is that they are lighter, as a rule, and especially smaller constructed so that driving in the home and in retail stores, for example, is easier. The maneuverability of smaller models is much greater so that also the taking of smaller bends is possible.

Fixed scooter

Solid models are bigger and heavier but driving is therefore very comfortable. Because of the larger size, they are also more suitable for heavy riders. The tensile strength is greater due to a stronger engine which also requires a bigger battery. The speed that get fixed mobiles is higher than that of the smaller folding models and also a longer distance can be taken before the battery needs to be recharged. Solid models, which are especially suitable for outdoor use, have good lighting and often have a horn and turn signals. Also, the wheels slightly larger making the streets safer is larger and easier to carry over grass and sand can be driven.


Depending on the model scooter there are several accessories available. Thus there are protective covers, bags and cases that would be confirmed and there is special rainwear.