No more paper tickets

Recognizable? Before the holiday begins a lot of stress? Pack up the stuff, bringing pets, doors close properly, we have it all? And then you come to the airport and show that you, you are paper tickets or forget your passport. And then you have a problem. But the chances that you forget both pieces is from today very small. The paperless ticket is a fact.

From paper ticket to paperless ticket

It was not entirely new. People who booked they could only have picked up at Schiphol their tickets over the internet. Later e-ticket at that. A ticket sent to your e-mail which you could print out at home. At the ticket was set a barcode and flight.
The E-ticket is created as a result of the rise of the Internet. Previously, people still went to the travel agency to book their holidays. Now, the largest part of the flight over the internet. Home behind your PC with a few clicks you have E-ticket already in your mailbox stand right after you had clicked "accept". The print was a piece of cake, for which one had a printer. However, this did not solve the problem of losing.
Hence the introduction of "paperless ticket". No more struggling with all kinds of papers and also no chance that you return flight ticket is lost during the holidays. No, check all the work will be done through the passport.

What are the benefits

There are various areas of benefits to paperless ticket, the most important are:
  • The paperless ticket can not be lost or stolen;
  • The paperless ticket can not be forgotten;
  • The ticket can not be lost in the mail.

  • Huge cost savings on shipping tickets;
  • Huge savings in paper use;
  • Cost savings at check-in;
  • Cost savings on ink use.

  • Because it uses less paper also eliminate the need to cut down fewer trees;
  • The paperless tickets do not need to be printed which saves a lot of ink.

What are the disadvantages

Disadvantages are also possible:
  • For the ticket collector comes to an end his endless passion for collecting;
  • For the elderly, it is difficult to understand;
  • If you forget your passport, you are really screwed.

Last tip: Keep your passport closely and if you go on vacation.