North / South Line

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The North / South Line is a new subway line being constructed in Amsterdam. The range includes eight stops, is 9.5 kilometers long and has a construction period of approximately 10 years. In 2002 started the construction and estimated the line in 2012 will be put into use.


Here follows a list of the eight stations which will include the North / South line. The stops are on average 1.1 kilometers apart. In the said stations will provide information about the construction and other background information are listed. In order from north to south these are the stops:
Station Buikslotermeerplein
This is the northernmost station and also starts here NZ. At this time, this station is realized in Amsterdam North. This plant will process an estimated gain decent in stead as ?? s 22,500 passengers.
With this new station, there are many plans to renovate the north of Amsterdam. This will include a cultural center, cinema, educational and mostly an office extension.
Station Johan van Hasseltweg
This is the second station of the NZ and is also in Amsterdam-Noord. This plant will process approximately 12,500 passengers daily gain and is the least busy station. Here also are plans for the construction of offices, hotels and schools.
Station Centraal Station
After the NZ IJ has passed, the line at the third station: Amsterdam Central Station. Under Amsterdam Central Station is a central metrohal created for all subway lines. Under this hall is the platform of the North / South metro line, at a depth of 15 meters.
With 62.5 thousand passengers, this is the busiest station of the North / South line. Of course the bereikbaarhied is optimal because here converge all subway lines.
Rokin Station
This station will be located 21.5 m below the sea level. After the Central Station is probably the busiest subway station with 57 500 passengers per day. This station will be a parking garage and bicycle storage.
Station Vijzelgracht
This station will be located 26 meters below sea level. Each day there will be an estimated 27 000 passengers use this station. Also at this station will be located a parking garage.
Ceintuurbaan Station
This station will be located in Amsterdam Oud Zuid, or Pipe. The Ferdinant Bolstraat where the station will be located is very narrow and because there may not be drilled under the foundations of the buildings, it was decided to put the platforms above the other. One of the stations is 16.5 meters deep lying and the other platform will be located at 26.5 meters. This is the deepest station Ceintuurbaan station of the North / South line. There will be as ?? s 35 000 passengers per day from this station will use.
Europe Square Station
In the vicinity of the RAI Congress Centre will be situated underground station Europe Square. After this station increases the subway tunnel to lay the last piece of the NZ direction Zuid / WTC station above ground.
The station is eight meters lie below sea level, making it the shallowest station. It will use approximately 27 500 passengers per day from this station.
Station Zuid / WTC
Zuid / WTC station is the only station that there already is. The platforms and entrances should be adapted for the North / South line. At this station come many trains and trams together including the High Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTrain. There will also be at this station a regional bus station. 47.500 passengers will use this station. The plan is that this station will eventually have to become a second Central Station.