Other car purchase - how do you choose the right model?

Buying a car is for most of us a big step. There's a lot of money involved and want to get back to even forward with your new purchase. Many of us depend on our car, so you do want to have a good car. In addition, the burden of interest. About a year watched, you pay a lot of money on taxes, fuel, maintenance and insurance, so it is important to make a smart choice. Of course there are a lot of people who already know what they want. For example, because they see their car as a status symbol and simply want to have a particular brand and model. Or because the choice is very simple, due to certain circumstances or needs. For many, however, it is not always clear which choice now is best. And the offer is huge, so any help is in place. We set the major choices in a row. That way you can quickly get an idea of ​​where you should be looking for.

What do you need car?

The question of what you need is actually quite obvious. However, this question is not always put so aware. Have a car and you're looking for something different, ask yourself what you do not like about your current car and what do. That really helps to clarify for yourself what you should be looking for.
With more than five people in an MPV.

How many people do you have to fit in the car?

The purpose of a car for most people anyway you can get from A to B. Very important here is the number of people who usually sit in your car. Are you alone or with your partner, then meets almost every car. But do you have a family, or are you for another reason often with four people in the car, you want enough space on the backseat. Do you have a regular car will not do a big family with more than three children. You then have to look for an MPV, or van.
Furthermore, it is important to consider how much luggage you want. Do you have young children, you take quickly bring a pram or buggy. Or perhaps a cot so your baby can sleep anywhere. Also think of vacations, where you have to take the necessary luggage. Not for nothing the wagon is so popular nowadays. Especially with families. The necessary boot is also useful if you frequently need to transport a lot of stuff.

Which fuel do you drive?

An important choice is that of the fuel. The most popular choices are still gasoline and diesel. The most important factor is the number of kilometers you drive, where diesel is cheaper than petrol as you drive more. But there are more differences between the two. Another alternative is running on LPG or gas. Also, you will have to make the necessary kilometers per year to make it profitable in connection with the high road tax.
The last option we have today is a hybrid car. That is still a combination of electric drive and conventional fuel, usually gasoline. But the combination with diesel also exists, but is not so much for. Fully electric cars in 2015 are not very interesting, but it might just be change in a few years.

What options do you consider important?

The number of options on cars groot.In and cars there is nowadays more and more options. This includes things like airbags, air conditioning, cruise control, central locking, electric windows, power steering, ABS, leather seats and parking sensors. Some of them are now almost standard, especially in cars from certain model years. You'll have to decide which you find yourself is necessary and which are a nice addition.
In particular, we'd like to call the tow. One can not do without, another never uses it. Think about that for a while good about it, because a used car with a tow bar does not cost significantly more money. But if you later want to build a hitch, you'll go make the necessary costs.

How old should the car?

The age of a car has been an important factor in the price. For yourself you should weigh, how old a car can be up to. Newer course is always good. But you do want to or not a car is ten years or older. Of course there is a greater risk of defects in cars with a higher age. But guarantees you will never, luck or bad luck is not predictable. More importantly perhaps that maintenance is well known. So you know when and if certain things are changed.

And what about the mileage?

In that sense the mileage is an important factor. Often the age and mileage traveled somewhat hand in hand. But not always, and sometimes makes a big difference. Generally will have a diesel or LPG car more kilometers on the clock. Most diesels have also been made for that. A mileage of 200,000 or even 300,000 kilometers is not necessarily a reason to leave the car. Here too, again for the maintenance history is an important factor.

Other considerations

A number of other issues that may be of interest to you:
  • Entry height: For some people a higher entry is a great advantage or even necessary. You can divide the possibilities into three groups: low entry level, mid-entry level and high instep.
  • Transmission: Manual shifting is most prevalent. Do you need a machine or you want to try it once, then you reduce search area considerably. Does it make you not, you can again look at specific machines. Possibly save money by taking a less desirable machine.
  • Fuel consumption: Fuel consumption is important, but often quite difficult to detect in advance. At least you can check the official specifications of the manufacturer. Unfortunately neighborhoods often abandon the practice. You can also ask around or look around on the internet when you have a car model on the eye.
  • Vehicle weight: The weight of the car determines how much road tax you have to pay each month. So a lighter car is more economical. Unfortunately, cars with all the extra options are over, getting a little heavier. You'll find that a more spartan equipped cars often is lighter and thus lower expenses entails.
  • Performance: Want a fast sports car, with accompanying higher fuel? Or is an ordinary engine good enough? In terms of engines and power is everything for sale. Especially when you have that certain minimum requirements, you need that extra attention.

Choose a brand and model car

When all the above points have a little clear, you already know a lot about the car you are looking for. You can easily search the information on internet sites as marktplaats.nl or autotrader.nl. You'll get a list of cars that meet your criteria. This creates soon a picture of where you are about to look for. Obviously you need to move slightly further filter to further refine the results. If you still have no idea about make, model and design, then you get to see everything here yet. Now you can look through the list again to see where you have a good feeling and that losing weight for you.
The price is of course an important factor. You will see soon what features or options have an effect on the price. Maybe a little older or higher mileage car closer to your budget. Or maybe you still need to go for a less expensive brand. You can easily adjust the parameters for the query to quickly get an idea of ​​what the options are and where you need to take into account.


The supply of used cars is huge. For people who are not aware of brands, models and options can all those features soon work intimidating. Nevertheless, it does not so difficult. First, determine for yourself what is important and what is secondary. The issues in this article even when to walk along, you do it quickly and easily. With this knowledge, you can search much more focused. No doubt you quickly find a model or several models that are really interesting for you.