Peugeot Partner Tepee

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The French car manufacturer Peugeot offers many models on which you can sit with seven persons, including the Peugeot Partner Tepee. The Peugeot Partner van is already proved its worth. For passenger transport, the Partner Tepee offers lots of space for an affordable price. An ideal family car for those who want a practical car with great potential.

Peugeot Partner

Peugeot Partner in 1997 saw the light of day. The car was developed in cooperation with Citroen, as French car manufacturers cooperate more in the field of development and production of car ?? s. Citroen has the same car on the market under the name of Citroen Berlingo.
The Partner has entered the market as a small van for companies, and as a passenger. In the latter variant, the audience had to adjust to the shape of the car such as the high roof and the sliding doors. As soon as the car fell to the taste of the consumer looking for a practical, affordable car with lots of space and many applications. The same story goes for the Berlingo otherwise. Both models are still so successful that they now both have a permanent place in the range of both brands. The car ?? s refined, have been given a new look and more comfort. They are now being placed higher in the segment because there are two marks at a smaller variant is available. Peugeot is the Peugeot Bipper Tepee. At Lemon is the Citroen Nemo.

Peugeot Partner Tepee

The Peugeot Partner Tepee is a true MPV: it is a large car which is suitable both for passengers and for the transport of goods. The car can optionally carry up to seven people, making it yet another car in the Peugeot range in the list of car ?? s with seven seats. There is namely the Peugeot 307 SW, the Peugeot 4007, Peugeot 5008 and the Peugeot 807.
Consumers who opt for a car like the Partner Tepee often seek a car that is useful: lots of cargo space, possibility to transport more than one person comfortably without exaggeration, and fairly affordable. The looks of the car are less important, or at least that they will not have thousands of euros ?? s extra pay. Peugeot Partner Tepee with a perfect car for this target group. And even the looks of the Partner Tepee are fine!
Would you provide an object where you need a lot of space in the car have, then you can pick out the Partner Tepee seats there separately. The cargo space with the additional two seats in the third row of seats is limited. Let this chairs omitted then there is 675 liters of cargo space under the rear shelf over. Load your car full to the roof, than will fit in the double. Get your The seats in the second row from it, then you have a whopping 3000 liters of luggage. The car is easily accessible because of the huge tailgate behind. The sliding doors on both sides make the boarding or loading properly again very easily. On storing stuff in the Partner Tepee you do not have to worry. The car is packed with useful storage areas. There seems no centimeter missed.


By default, the Peugeot Partner Tepee decorated with many basic functionalities and ?? accessiores. So you have all standard, including ABS, front airbags, automatic locking and vehicle immobilizer. By default, the Partner Tepee 15 ?? steel rims. You can expand your Tepee the equipment itself. This allows you to choose a glass roof.
Peugeot has three trim levels available as a starting point:
  • Access
  • Active
  • Family


Peugeot Partner Tepee comes with a small variation in gasoline and diesel engines. Depending on the model that you choose you can choose from the following engines.
  • 1.6 liter VTi petrol engine, 98 hp
  • 1.6 liter HDi diesel engine, 75 hp
  • 1.6 liter VTi petrol engine, 120 hp
  • 1.6 liter HDi diesel engine, 92 hp
  • 1.6 liter VTi petrol engine, 120 hp


The Peugeot Partner Tepee's main competitors have similar models from other brands. Remember the Citroen Berlingo, Renault Kangoo, Opel Corsa, Volkswagen Caddy and Fiat Doblo. But the Peugeot Partner Tepee can fine record the many points against other -MPV like the Opel Zafira Tourer or Mazda 5. Although it must be said that these cars are higher positioned in the segment and serve a different audience. For example, the business driver, who needs a representative car, drives many kilometers and therefore greater demands on comfort, but also for the leisure space and seating needs for the family.


The Peugeot Partner Tepee is already available from ?? 19.995, -. You then have the Access version with a 1.6 liter engine. Depending on your needs, the price goes up to nearly ?? 27,000 - for the Active version with 1.6-liter diesel engine and automatic transmission. Partner Tepee you can still dress topped with extra accessories. The Peugeot Partner Tepee is in all versions in the 25% addition.
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