Pilot training

Flying is one of the safest modes of transport, because there is seldom wrong. To become a pilot you'll need so much knowledge of airplanes. Also you must have the appropriate qualifications, have certain properties and are approved by an admission test.

Content of the profession

What should be done before departure
2 hours before departure, the pilots, flight attendants at the crew center. Here they get to know each other. Then the pilots go to the vluchtvoorbereider. The vluchtvoorbereider tells the pilot how the flight goes smoothly.
For example, it tells you how high the aircraft must fly, and tells you how many passengers go. Aircraft to stay at least 300 meters away from each other at a low altitude flying, and aircraft to fly at high altitude stay away at least 600 meters apart. If it is held by these rules then there is virtually no risk of accidents. When everything is settled then the pilots go to the weather ?? ?? department. Since the pilots are informed of the weather forecast on the route they have to fly. For example, they have to fly through a thunderstorm during the trip. They must to fly around the storm. When the crew finally allowed on the plane, there is still everything carefully checked.
During the trip
In a large aircraft usually were three crew members in the cockpit. The third person, a BWK was abolished about ten years ago, because the technology has improved over the years. This person controlled in flight or nothing is broke, if that was the case, he could fix it. Of the two pilots is an authoritative carrier and one of the co-pilot. The carrier has authority in charge of the aircraft and determined for the most part what needs to happen. If the aircraft at the runway has arrived, they have to wait for the signal of the control tower to be able to take off. During the flight, there is also much controlled by the pilots. If they are the right height, the pilots have reached the not so busy. The aircraft can be put at this altitude on autopilot. There should at least be a pilot to keep the aircraft in the eye as the aircraft is flying with the autopilot. It is of course also of the utmost importance that the pilots get different foods, because it is possible that the food would not, they may, then there is at least another pilot who can take over the steering wheel correctly. A plane flies over different countries and pilots communicate with other control towers there. They tell how high you have to fly there and if it is changed again.
At the end of the trip
At the end of the journey is often the case, as there is far traveled, there is a time lag in that country, which is very tiring for the drivers. Advantageously, the pilots are allowed to stay for a while in which to rest from the flight.

Admission requirements for the program

You should firstly at least eighteen years old to be allowed to train as air kite. As for training you must be at least a HAVO diploma have with Maths, English and Physics in the package. Before you can begin your training as a pilot you must still be approved by a selection process. There are two types of selection procedures: a medical examination and a NASS inspection. At the medical examination become observe the following: motivation, team play, leadership potential, self-discipline and your posture. In this show or sit costs. The NASS-inspection system beware: multitasking, scanning and anticipation, decisiveness, information processing, mental imagery and coordination. This test will cost between 300-400 euros. Of course it is not possible to be a pilot when your eyes are too different. It is important that these tests are followed correctly, because you are responsible for the welfare of hundreds of passengers. If you've successfully completed all these steps, you are fit to be a pilot.

Required courses

To be you need at least a pilot graduated high school with Mathematics, Physics and English in the curriculum. If you do not have one or more of these courses, you can bring in additional institutes. To become an airline pilot, you should also have a flight training followed by private professional aviation schools. The aviation schools train you in about two years for commercial pilots, but the length of training also varies by school. The minimum age to participate in the program is seventeen years and there is no maximum age. After training you as a pilot qualified to fly on all major appliances. The costs for training amount to 102 000 euro. This amount is easily borrow from a bank. Within 12tm15 year this amount was repaid in most cases. This course can also be just lived a normal life.

Properties for appeal

You have to have fun in flying, because this may prevent you from getting stressed out during training or career, so you should be immune to stress. Also you must be able to work well with people, because you are, as a pilot being, usually in pairs in the cockpit and then you can decide well with each take. It is very important that you ?? evenings are still in top condition, because you often then also are at work.
Also one of the major short there are many of you asked for this profession.