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In almost all the shopping you have to pay heavily to park you car. In cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht may increase rates per hour to ?? 4.00. Nowadays it is common that you have to pay to park the car in a center. In the past it was only annoying, because you did not have quarters in the wallet. In recent years, going often to rates well above the euro. Parking has become big business. The paid parking is introduced to keep car ?? s from the inner cities, but the rates today are imputed income.

Parking buy

Space in the big city is a scarce commodity. If you are going to buy a house in Amsterdam, for example, you also often need a place for your car. In most cases, it will not be possible to park before or next to the house. On websites like Funda.nl be parking spaces in basements or parking stalls for big money offered for sale. A place for your car can add up to ?? 35 000 euros, and in the downtown area more. Want to buy a parking for example one of the canals in Amsterdam then walk the amounts of up to ?? 148,000.


Per municipality parking fees significantly. Even in smaller malls in the country, it is more common that you have to pay for parking. You can visit the website parkerenindestad.nl per site request the rates. On this site you are even some rates per car park and displayed a tip where you can park for free or cheap. A link to I-local, you can even determine the route to certain parking facilities. The hefty parking fees at amusement parks can be obtained.

An overview of the most expensive towns to park

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Nice enough, always intressant


There is another option around Amsterdam, the parking companies in the Schiphol area where people can park their cars until they are back from vacation. They also provide the opportunity to park and some of those companies are still quite short center near Amsterdam itself. They do not care whether you do or do not want to Schiphol them again saves a ride on the shuttle. Some are cheaper than parking in the city center. I have never tried it but I'm still figuring it again as well!