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It is often unclear what exactly the rules are for wearing seat belts rear seat. Questions are asked if there are two children can sit in a seat belt, whether it applies to old car ?? s where no seat belts in it. The basic rules are very clear: children under 1:35 have a seat, the other passengers must wear a seatbelt. So there are not enough seat belts, you have to find another means of transportation. Most accidents occur in the short, well-known rides. Even then, a belt is required.


  • 95% of motorists have a front seat belt.
  • 80% of adults and children have a back of the car seat belt.
  • If you're wearing a belt you have 30% less chance of fatal injury and 20% less chance of serious injury.
  • Especially at low speed belts help prevent many injuries. So especially on short trips you should think carefully about the seatbelts. For example even the children to school, or even go to the store.
  • Children without a seatbelt during an impact against the seat in front of them and even the forward fly out, with all its consequences.
  • Not wearing a seat belt costs ?? 140, - per person. Children who are under the age of twelve, the fine must be paid by the driver.

Rules on the wearing of rear seatbelts car

  • The main rule is: there may just sit so many people / children in the car as there are seat belts. So two belts, two children, three belts, three children. There should be no two children sitting in a seat belt.
  • The belt must be worn correctly. The lap section under the belly and along the diagonal part of the chest. The belts must not look back or be carried along by the arm. So the children are protected much less.
  • Children under 1.35 meters are required should be seated in a child seat.

Child seats

Children under the 1.35 meter must be seated in a child seat. For each weight group there is to buy a special seat. The seat must have the mandatory ECE mark.

Belt guide

A belt guide ensures that the diagonal part of the belt does not cut into the neck of the child. It should not be fixed with the lap belt.
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What about wear with the arrangement of seat belts in an oldtimer? From what year do not need more strength in?


How is the law arranged for rear seats in buses without seat belts?


If someone is sitting in my back, I may as remove the belts? Car from 1988 ...


Good thing let's see a movie of a crachtest especially with a van to be launched by the passenger car. good lock so


I miss it given over the 2 point lap belt in the car, this is in the middle between the two three-point seat belts, these belts may be used, or are prohibited and should be all three-point belts are?


Hello Yvonne, you can ask that the best moment on the RDW.Hartelijke greetings, Coby


Hello Edwin, I think so. But you can do this it is best to check with the RWD.Vriendelijke greeting, Coby


Hello, Yes, this belt can and should just use worden.Vriendelijke greeting, Coby