Removing resin stains on car

Have you already experienced it? You can park your car under a tree and when you come back, is your car full of resin spots? ?? Just scrub away ?? do you think? Forget it! Resin stains are not so easy to get away. What can you do? Several tips below to get rid of resin.

Resin or aphids

If there is something sticky on your car is often thought that it is resin from trees. You can, but it can also just be honeydew. What is the difference?
Softwood contains resin canals. Upon injury of the tree is the resin from the resin channels, and thus forms an effective protection against fungi and insects. Trees containing resin:
  • Pine: timber that contains all the trees of the genus Pinus
  • Douglas
  • Larch
  • Fire: wood that contains all the trees of the genus Picea

Hardwood found in Flanders and the Netherlands contains no resin channels. Cherry wood can contain gomgangen wounding of the tree, so you sometimes see sticky lumps on the trunk. Gum, however, dissolves in water, resin no. The buds of the horse chestnut are very sticky. This is different from the resin formation in conifers.
Aphids feed on proteins which are present in plant juices. Since plants juices contain more sugar than protein, they excrete the excess sugars from back. This is called honeydew and can drip from the tree to arrive ?? s so by car. Aphids occur mainly on lime trees, maples sometimes on oak.

Removal of resin or aphids

First, try to determine whether it is real or resin stains rather sugar secretion of aphids. In the latter case, it is advised to first agree with warm water, soap and try a hard sponge. If unsuccessful, you can try the following tips.

8 tips to remove resin

Before proceeding with the products below to get started, it is always advisable to first try once a small, less visible place or it does not affect the paint of your car. Depending on the kind of resin, some products will work better or worse.
The best method to remove resin spots is probably the use of clay:
  • You kneads the clay until it is smooth
  • Make a flat disk of the clay
  • Spray a small area with the corresponding product
  • Rub the clay over the area to be treated

Such clay can be bought over the internet or in a case of car cleaning accessories.
A solvent such as alcohol or ether usually works, but in some instances, may leave a blue haze on the lacquer. Preferably use denatured alcohol, available in pharmacies. Pour the alcohol never directly onto the paintwork of your car, but soak a cloth in which you treat the stain. Rinse the message. Use alcohol rather not plastic.
Nail Polish Remover
  • Use nail polish remover
  • Treatment was then, further with

Pointing Stick Losser
Another option is to stick it loosened ?? ?? this is a canister which obtain in the most do-it-yourself affairs.
It is possible to use thinner, but that's not really recommended for the paint of the car. Turpentine works equally well and this product is less harmful to the car paint.
Frying butter
  • Coat the surface to be treated with frying butter or butter
  • Let it soak about 15 minutes
  • Rinse well

Salad oil or olive oil
  • Coat the surface to be coated with vegetable oil or olive oil
  • Let it soak for a while
  • Rinse well

Resin Remover
Use resin remover or polish that you can obtain through the Internet or in the car parts dealer.

Prevention is better than cure:

  • Make sure your car is always good in the wash. As a result, resin will attach themselves less readily to the carriage.
  • Park your car is not among pine trees, lime trees and maples.
Comments (4)

Degreaser, kitchen cleaner and benzene? As a result, the protective layer of lacquer is affected and the resin will be the next time even better fix on the lak.Zou I do not recommend!


Resin removing the car? Piece of cake, Agree with the reaction of Paul, just a little "DASTY" degreaser, available from the "Wibra" on a doekjeen the resin remains disappear without trace for a while before laten.Van the upper layer of the droplet removal with, for example a matchstick to the harslaagdunner to maken.Succes and keep your car out of the hot sun parking.


I've tried everything, butter, oil, turpentine, hot water, suds ?? It eventually went fast with ordinary fat dissolver kitchen cleaner 'spray bottle of Lidl. Afpoetsen with a microfibre cloth!


Also, I had one of those dirty resin spots on the car, tried everything nothing really helped me further. Later, I used pure benzene. Just soak 10 count waiting with a cloth with white spirit shine as firm. And that a few times. then anything commander there polish. Clean the paint and immediately glimmendVeel success there meeGeert