Renault Grand Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo has long been a familiar face in the Renault family. Both as a passenger, as well as vans. As of June 2012 is also the Renault Grand Kangoo available from stockists. This stretched Kangoo is available in 5- and 7-seater version. Renault Kangoo Maxi as previously marketed, which is the same car as the Grand Kangoo but specifically for freight.

Renault Kangoo

Sometimes a car make a model car in its ranks, which is successful and can last for many years. The Renault Kangoo is so ?? s model. The Kangoo will be available in 1997 and after 15 years is still not the end of her life. The Kangoo was the successor to the Renault Express and had to take when on the contrary, among others the Opel Combo and successful twin Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner in the segment of vans / trucks. In 2008 the Renault Kangoo has been restyled. The car has been in years, in addition to the Van versions, even become a real family car. The Renault Kangoo also comes nowadays as Family through life.
The car is extremely well suited for both passenger and freight. The relatively high roof and the typical shape characteristic: you find it beautiful or ugly, it is virtually certain. Meanwhile, there are several variants released on the Kangoo: 4x4, pick-up, and even an electric Kangoo Zero Emission in the program alongside the Fluence, Twizy and ZOE.
As of June 2012 is finally the Renault Grand Kangoo added to the range. Earlier, the French have already introduced the Renault Kangoo Maxi. This is an extended Kangoo focuses on the transport of goods. All the good that the Kangoo to offer though, but with even more luggage. The Renault Grand Kangoo is the same car as the Kangoo Maxi, but then arranged on freight.


The Grand Kangoo is available in a version for 5 and 7 people. He also comes out in the MPV segment. This Renault chooses to add a second model in its family that can accommodate 7 people. The Grand Kangoo comes to stand beside the Grand Scénic. The target group is the larger family with a need for space and flexibility, for example, or the business passenger. The seven seats are spacious and comfortable. The places on the rear seats consist of two separate seats that are also used in the Renault Scenic. You can fold the seats or completely out of it.
When all the seats are drawn up and unfolded, there still remains a luggage space of 400 liters. Gives you only the rear seats look like you hold about 930 liters of space. This can be expanded up to 3400 liters. For this you must remove the two rear seats of the car and the middle row of seats to fold away. The Grand Kangoo thus offers over 600 liters more luggage space than the regular Kangoo. That extra space is therefore primarily from the extra length of the car.


The Renault Grand Kangoo will be available with a 1.5 liter dCi diesel engine with a choice of 90 or 110 hp variant. The 1.6 liter petrol engine which has the smaller Kangoo however, will not come into the Grand Kangoo.


There are already many brands who have incorporated a car in the range where there is room for seven people. The Renault Grand Kangoo is designed for practical family: lots of space and flexibility. Expect no comfort in the sense of luxury cars. There you also do not pay for. If you are looking for a longer trip car where luxury and comfort plays a role, then the Grand Scénic or even the Renault Espace perhaps meant more to you. In the segment is likely the Dacia Lodgy be a formidable competitor. Dacia, is part of the Renault group.
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Wonderful that they are performing the Kangoo now finally as a seven seater. Too bad they do not like petrol engine is introduced.