Replacing the windscreen of your car

By regularly replace your wipers keep your clear view of the road. Replace your wipers, you can easily do yourself. You just have to know what type and what size fits your car. There are several brands wipers, but the quality and price run properly set.

Wipers ?? in all sizes

Wipers have two different types: normal wipers and so-called flat blades ?? ??.. In a normal wisrubber the wipers is attached to a steel frame. With flat blades wisrubber it is mounted directly on a flexible strip. The advantage is that you lozenge erased even better than is in normal windshield wipers. Among others, the Volkswagen uses this type wiper for several years. Flat Blades fit only on a special wiper. There are also special flat blades that fit into a standard wiper arm.

Self replace your wipers

You should replace your wipers regularly. Some wipers is a sticker that faded when the wiper is to be replaced. However, you automatically notice when it is time to replace. In most cases, you will need to replace your wiper least 1x per year. Your glass is then streaked or blurred deleted rather nicely dry or wisrubber release. Note that also can cause a dirty diamond stripes.
Except your wiper completely replaced, it is possible to replace your wisrubber. This is a cheaper solution than buying new wipers.

What to look for when buying?

The quality of a windshield wiper is dependent on how well they knew and durability. In a test of the ANWB get the flat blades of the brands Bosch Aero Twin and VW AeroSet as the best in the test. The normal wipers come Bosch Twin and the SWF Duotec + as the best in the test. The cheap brands Amcar Car and Turbo are the least well in the test.
Wipers come in all sizes. What sizes you need for your car you can look up on the Internet, by measuring the length of the rubber of your old wipers or by asking at the shop.
For the windscreen wipers, there are also a spoiler. The spoiler you need on the driver and ensures that the wiper can erase the pressure better.
Normal wipers all fit on a normal wiper arm. By means of the clip is attached to the wiper on the arm. Flat Blades fit only on a special wiper.

Where to buy?

Wipers in various places are for sale. On the Internet there are numerous stores selling different brands. Bosch wipers are widely available. Though of good quality it is generally also one of the most expensive windshield wipers. Furthermore, in hardware stores, car garages, with Halfords and even in the Action wipers for sale. For many Internet shops online you can enter your vehicle model or registration number to identify the necessary measures wipers. In stores like Halfords is often present a catalog to locate the needed sizes.

How to install?

When the wipers is usually supplied instructions. Most wipers have a simple click system that allows you to click the wiper to the wiper arm. You have to pay attention as well to the mounting direction and whether the wiper is securely locked. Pay attention to how you remove the old wiper from the wiper arm, it is easier to install the new wiper at once.
When removing your old wiper sure you carefully release the wiper arm. This avoids having your wiper claps loudly on the windshield.