Required by law: accessory materials in the car

There are some things that you should have committed in your car. A warning triangle, first aid kit or bag, a safety vest, and a fire extinguisher. When the police checking your car you can be fined if you're not in a car this stuff. Additionally it can ever do is come in handy. Especially when you're involved in an accident.

A warning triangle

In each car a warning triangle must be present. A second warning triangle is recommended. You may use the triangle only real danger. This means if the vehicle or the load is a danger to other road users. This may be a defective vehicle
are, an accident, or a loss of the charge on the road. Especially in the latter case it is important to be very careful of passing cars. This for anyone to ensure his safety.
The warning triangle must be placed in front of the vehicle in the direction of oncoming traffic so everyone can clearly see that there is a problem. There are even fixed standards for where it should install. On a motorway, it is over 100 meters before the car. In ordinary roads and motorways this distance is only 30 meters. In places in the city where there may not even space one may place the warning triangle before or on the car.


Each car must be an approved fire extinguisher within the driver's reach. The law also says that these devices and must be stored in a safe easy accessible place, one must always be able to use them as soon as possible. If you do not have a fire extinguisher in your car, or the validity period has elapsed, you can get a fine if the police finds out.

Retro-reflective safety vest

In a car a retroreflective safety vest must be present. The law says that the driver of a breakdown vehicle must wear this vest when he leaves his vehicle on motorways and expressways in a place where he should not stop or park. The driver must also turn off the warning triangle. It is basically only requires the driver to wear this vest, but it is also recommended for other people who provide assistance at that time. Especially in the night is wearing safety vests are recommended.

A related case

By law, it is mandatory for every vehicle to have a connection box or suitcase. When taxis should be a first aid kit. Such a case usually is not much, but it can make the difference in a serious accident.

Also useful

These items are not obliged to take, but it can be very handy. In some cases you really need this stuff.
  • A parking
  • A towline
  • Start Cables
  • Flashlight
  • Notebook
  • GSM

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I think this piece is based on the Belgian legislation. could there be buried as I do ??


To my knowledge, the triangle is not required to present sufficient to hebben.Een flasher installation inthe vehicle danmet Sincerely, BJ Carmiggelt


This piece is complete nonsense. For example, a warning triangle does not belong to the mandatory equipment and a first aid kit of all. And to make it complete: a fire extinguisher either.


This is NOT true! A safety vest is NOT required, see: