Residual value of cars ?? s

The residual value of a car determines what he is worth after several years. If you buy a car, he knows that a large part of the purchase price is lost when it is coasting the garage. But the car must now choose you to ensure that you still get something if you trade him? In other words, what cars have a high resale value after several years? And which cars hold their value and are not after a few years almost worthless?

Car ?? s who do not hold their value

There are car ?? s third year after purchase nearly 60 percent less valuable than when buying. According Autotelex is that, for example, the Jaguar JX. Within three years, this car worth 62,000 euros less than at purchase. The Hyundai Grandeur, after three years, a depreciation of 24 700 euros. Obviously, it goes into these cases to expensive and luxury car ?? s. But smaller models are already worth much less when the street corner is in sight.

Which car models ?? s depreciation is the least?

Inexpensive popular car ?? s hold their value for the most part. Moreover, especially the economical car ?? s very popular and they also retain their value. They are therefore to car ?? s with low consumption and therefore low CO2 emissions. On this car ?? s also no road tax is levied in 2010 and that for most buyers very interesting.
There is a list that indicates the car ?? s depreciation is relatively the least. People who want to invest like, but also like to get something when they check their car after 3 year swap would do well to that list. Dealers use the occasion namely booklet stating how much the depreciation of cars ?? s. By far number one are the Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citro├źn C1. Not only does this car ?? s have a price that is respectable, they also retain their value. Moreover, the car ?? s as second-hand high demand. They lose in 3rd year around 2500 euros in value. Other car ?? s which retain their value are:
  • The Cuore
  • Panda
  • Twingo
  • Alto
  • Picanto

Used car prices fluctuate ?? s

Although the prices mentioned above are correct, it is reasonable, not just a law of the Medes and Persians. The prices of used cars ?? s fluctuate namely a month. So whoever wants to trade in a car that can keep an eye on.

Heavy and large car ?? s hold their value does not

Big and heavy car ?? s can not count on the most interest and hold their value so than not. The government does pay for these cars increasing road tax. Limo ?? s ?? s SUVs and large cars ?? s diesel are therefore more difficult to sell. New, but also second-hand. Only ?? s BMW and Mercedes cars are still very popular because they have a good image.

?? S car with the highest resale value

Car - Salvage
  • Toyota Aygo - 72 percent
  • Peugeot / Citroen 107 / C1 - 71.6 percent
  • Daihatsu Cuore - 68.2 percent
  • Ford Ka - 68.1 percent
  • Mini Clubman - 68 percent
  • Toyota Yaris - 67.6 percent
  • Fiat 500 - 67.7 percent
  • Dacia Sandero - 67.4 percent
  • Honda Jazz - 67.3 percent
  • Volkswagen Golf VI - 67 percent
  • Nissan / Suzuki Pixo / Alto - 66.9 percent
  • Toyota Iq - 66.8 percent
  • Hyundai L10 - 66.7 percent
  • Honda Civic Hybrid - 66.6 percent
  • Toyota Prius - 66.5 percent

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