Roadside car

TraceB 18-01-2018 Auto
Usually the women are known, know little or nothing of what's under the hood. But in practice it turns out just a little bit more nuanced and the group of men who do ?? just look under the hood and Fikst the problem ?? is shrinking. Ie whether massive subscriptions to the service centers for broken car ?? s or even gain a little more knowledge. Some lists of the more common problems and solutions with the car.

Refill oil

The regular turn for the car will always check the oil level or the old oil is removed and new oil is put into it. You can then bring forward the time being and have no worries at it. But this is not always the case and there are all sorts of reasons, where it makes sense to be able to check your oil level and, if necessary, add oil.
How does it work?
Check first if the oil level with a dipstick. At the gas station, for example, useful to do. If you do not have an instruction manual of the car, standing there in which oil you can take the best, but in the specialty they usually know what is best for your car. The first number represents the thickness of the oil when it is cold. The second number represents the thickness when it is hot.
Make sure that you have a warmed engine is not restocked immediately. Wait at least 10 minutes to fill a quarter and calm. If you've been there about half a liter, stop a moment. You let the masses as bags, assesses again with stick and if needed it takes you a little oil.

Smoking car

You see it often, you're behind a car and there is a huge lot of smoke out of the car ... and you think ?? this will not happen to me ??. But it can happen to anyone and it's just what smoke is coming from, to know what is possible with the hand.
Anything white smoke when you start out in the cold is no problem. Usually, this is what condensation. But if you're already driving on the road white, gray or bluish smoke coming out of your car, you have to take action. Bluish smoke coming from oil, white smoke means that there is something wrong with the coolant and gray smoke indicates problems with the combustion.

Handbrake and gear is stuck

You have your car the night before neatly parked in the driveway, the car on the handbrake ?? or else drive the car might slowly backwards down the driveway. In the morning you will start the car, pull the hand brake and the car in the right gear set to drive away. But that suddenly does not work anymore. Such a thing is in fact only in the winter with a strong frost.
Handbrake off
It is now too late to say that the car's handbrake must frost. Simply put the car in gear or in its forward set. But yes, if it has occurred you should carefully pull up the handbrake and hold the button again and let go. Chances are you pulling handbrake cables are frozen and you brake gently, the ice breaks and the cables can any time the hand brake again or pick up and drive away.
If the cables between gear and motor are frozen you get this best weather is good, the car to warm up. Normally, the ice melts pretty quickly and then you can still drive away.

A windscreen which still covers

A car you should keep in as dry as possible. All fluid can cause condensation that strikes eg on the windows. The windows of the car must be clean and free of grease and the air supply must be clean. The risk of condensation is minimized.
Should water get in the car, for example, wet mats, let see the specialist. Often it is a trifle which allows the car to moisture. It should only be all checked, so the specialist can often be busy for a while.

Top up the coolant

It will only happen, smoke from under the engine by not more good cooling of the engine. The coolant reservoir is empty. Refill and thus a hole, make sure it is repaired. Most car ?? s have a reservoir, but this is different you should look in the instruction booklet.
Start by cooling the engine, turn the cap carefully. In the tank you always see a minimum to a maximum mark. There must sit between the liquid and the chances are that the tank is empty. Fill it so it sits between the lines, the reservoir closes properly and then you can drive off again.

Substitutes diamonds fixed on the windshield

It has frozen and snowed and you want to get the snow tasty useful with the windshield wiper of your windshield. Are the wipers frozen solid ...
Carefully loosen
Prevent something breaks down and pour especially not boiling water. Turn on the engine and the chances are that your windshield wipers as slip. If this is not the case, some lukewarm water pouring over it does sometimes help.
Prevention is obviously better and this can easily by placing something between the windscreen and the wiper. A piece of cork is enough, but there are also covers that you can do around it if you expect frost.