Roadworks and traffic jams during the summer 2010

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During the summer of 2010 in the Netherlands and neighboring popular holiday countries conducted several road works causing long queues can occur. In this article you read where the most important and major road works.

The suffering that file called

Every year, millions of Dutch by car to a holiday in their own country or abroad. Popular holiday destinations are neighboring countries like France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria. Through the holiday traffic on the roads can be long queues which sometimes can be more than 50 kilometers long. The main causes of congestion are roadworks, traffic accidents or delays. Although vacationers often take into account traffic jams while traveling to a vacation destination, it can be useful to preview on which roads bottlenecks can occur due to road works.

Holiday Bustle

The first holiday road congestion can be expected on and around July 3, 2010. Since that weekend, the summer holidays begin namely for the region Central Netherlands. A week later, beginning July 10, 2010, the summer vacation starts for North Netherlands and from July 17, 2010 is the region South of the Netherlands' turn. The summer consists of primary school students from six weeks. The weeks when most traffic on the roads at home and abroad are expected to be the week of July 19th to August 6th. Within those weeks fall for all regions in the Netherlands one or more construction business holiday weeks.

Roadworks in Netherlands

Vacationers traveling by Netherlands can expect some traffic jams in the summer of 2010 by roadworks. The most important road works that are done:
  • Between junction Diemen and Amersfoort on weekends, all year
  • Between Markelo and Lochem, until July 23, 2010
  • Between Hengelo and De Lutte, until July 25, 2010
  • Between Sand and Oudenrijn intersection, until August 31
  • The junction between Real and Vonderen, all year
  • Closure of the ramp Amersfoort, all year
  • Between Dalfsen and Nieuwleusen, all year
  • Between N652 to Burgh-Haamstede and the road to Neeltje Jans, all year
  • Halfway between Sloterdijk and throughout the year
  • Between Kudelstaart and the N201 to Uithoorn, until August 20
Incidentally, mention there are more road work being done on Dutch roads. For a current list, you can go to the website of the traffic information service.

Roadworks in Belgium

Traffic jams in Belgium can be expected on the following roads:
  • The E25 motorway between Maastricht and Arlon, until July 9
  • The E40 between Leuven and Ostend, until November 1
  • The E40 motorway between Brussels and Li├Ęge, until October 31
  • E313 between Antwerp and Hasselt, especially in the summer months

Roadworks in Germany

In Germany this year during the summer holidays very long traffic jams expected. Vacationers can A3 Frankfurt - Nuremberg on weekends and peak times are best avoided. The files are mainly expected between Wuerzburg-Heidingsfeld and Rottendorf and between Rohrbrunn and Marktheidenfeld. Also on the A1 between Hamburg and Bremen are road works carried out continuously thus reducing lanes are available. Thus avoiding the very busy times.

Roadworks in France

The following roads can during major holidays exoduses and busy times best avoided:
  • The A6b between Paris and Lyon, until November 30
  • The E42 or A25 between Lille and Dunkirk, especially many crowds in the summer months

Roadworks in Luxembourg

Until the end of November, road works carried out on the A1 / E44, particularly in and around the Howaldtunnel. This allows for traffic between Germany Trier and Luxembourg.

Roadworks in Austria

In Austria, works on the following roads running:
  • The A10 between Salzburg and Villach, the Tauertunnel and Ofenauertunnel all year
  • The A12 between Arlberg and Innsbruck, all year
  • The A13 between Innsbruck and Brenner, until August 7

More information

Who does not unexpected surprises will come to be doing too well to consult regularly traffic information services. The ANWB road also keeps a close watch. To read more about roadworks in the Netherlands or abroad, you can go to the ANWB website: