Safe cycling with children

From an early age, children must learn everything. Motor development is hard: to crawl, to be very careful, the first small steps. Since the Netherlands is an absolute cycling country, this agility is also among the list of skills that must learn to control children. This development is also progressing rapidly: what begins with a bike that you need to play as a parent, grows into a bicycle with training wheels, one without. At some point, it is also time to teach your child to ride in the street: after all, this requires different skills than on the sidewalk safe. But: how to lead it in the right direction?


As a parent, do you sometimes do something with your kids. There are plenty of reasons to call for this to take the bike: the weather is nice, you do not have a car, you need movement, so of course it is important to ask yourself whether your child is already old enough for their own bike with you to drive. Some children can do this from their fourth already, others have been here longer time required.
Make sure your child has practiced enough: this is particularly important when it comes to swinging. Do not expect a four-year-old that he has a perfect understanding of traffic: must you teach him. Tell Thus, while driving, still well in time to do what you and how you will do that. Make sure your child next to you, or you drive. This way you keep the overview and control. When your child namely ride behind you, you have no idea whether this is good: unfortunately there are still no people with eyes in their head. Let your child also NEVER take another child on the back: this can endanger life.


To let your child practice with the bike itself, without the risks you run when you let him own bikes, you could opt for a trailer bike. This is similar to a half-bike, which you attach to your own bike. That way you take your child in tow. This can also be useful if you want to cycle longer and your child before the power has not.


You've decided that your child is not ready to independent road cycling. How do you still get from A to B? You have many bicycle seats, which are individually checked for safety: that's what it is not to. It is important that you provide good spokeguards: what if your child is mobile and slipping his foot on the footrest, the turnips are tender.
Your stability
Still, should you still wonder if you as a parent it can manage to provide your children on bicycles: are you stable enough for one or even two kids on bikes to take? Let your children, whatever you do, in any case, under no circumstances stand behind!
A fairly safe alternative could be a cargo bike: in this way, you are a lot more stable, you have insight into your children and in many cases you can also provide them with a tarpaulin dry. For a tricycle however applies that you have to practice it, because it requires different techniques than on a "normal" bike cycling. A trailer hanging behind you can be a danger because you do not see what's happening behind you but such a thing does take more space, you may unwittingly hit the pavement. Thus, despite your good intentions, yet dangerous situations.


Although older children designate a helmet as 'shambling', 'not stylish' or 'boring', young children find it generally no problem to wear a helmet. There are plenty to find models with a nice color, curlicue, or their favorite TV heroes. This not only looks nice, it also appears that if once something happens, serious injury can occur.


Unfortunately there is an accident in children always in a small corner. Yet prevention is more important than cure: children learn all about the traffic, prepare the proper precautions and do as a parent to set a good example.