Saving money on motoring

The car is one of the largest cost, on the house after, when in fact sole job is to move us and our stuff from one place to another. Saving on the cost of a car can often easily where it is not just about the purchase, but also to use.

Purchasing a car

The purchase of the car is of course the first thing that can be saved. It is abundantly clear that there are more expensive and cheaper cars are for sale, but the purchase price is only half the story. There is the choice between new and second-hand; generally it pays to buy second anyway, a few special exceptions. A used car is also available in different price ranges, with maintenance, age and model are important aspects in the price. Some models are more popular than others, with the smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient vehicles often have a relatively high residual value. Some larger cars need not be immediately ignored in the quest for a car; For example, station wagons are often dropped in price than other models. Should space be needed, a cheap second wagon is often a good choice; thereby applies also agreed that the chances of a station wagon "abused" by the driving style of the previous owner still is smaller than a hatchback. The consumption of a station wagon, along with road tax, which may be higher than for smaller cars; depending on the distances, that are driven, it is worthwhile to put the advantages and disadvantages opposite to each other.

Choice for fuel

Besides the purchase of a car is also the choice of a particular type of fuel is important; petrol, diesel and LPG all have different advantages and disadvantages which come, in general, to a broad distribution. The petrol cars are generally cheaper for people who do not drive a lot; The road tax is low and the higher consumption will offset each month. A car on diesel is more suitable for people who drive; the higher road tax is hereby offset by cheaper fuel and the predominantly lower usage. A precise tipping point can not be determined immediately; fuel prices vary and the difference in fuel consumption and weight of different cars will weigh each situation required. An LPG car is an interesting option for people who are just not enough to drive the turning point, or even just sit over here. A car on LPG, provided it has a G3 system, namely cost less in road tax than a diesel, and the fuel is also much cheaper; even if the increased consumption is considered there. Why not everyone LPG G3 driving? The wear on the car is similar in elderly or poor, plants often greater than with petrol or diesel cars. However, with proper installation, with the right lubrication systems, this extra wear is negligible.

Driving style

Actually Needless to mention, but the driving style that is used in the automobile also determines to a large extent the consumption of the car and thus the cost. By maintaining a calm driving style, which is forwarded on time consumption is reduced. Bear in mind also the freeways are often more economical to drive than the drive inside; driving through towns and cities has the disadvantage that a lot needs to be increased and slowed; this ensures correct braking each time before that energy is lost, the forward power that is in fact removed the car to stop.


Although maintenance is, of course, necessary to keep driving a car and in order to avoid increased costs, it is also important that this is done maintenance; Some aspects of maintenance can be possibly done themselves, but for other types of maintenance will need to be really turned a garage. Price differences in the garages are also huge, usually the brand dealers under the more expensive and the small family garages among the cheaper garages. Note itself well to the costs incurred in the garage; although there is not always bad intentions need to be able to be there sometimes charged matters that are not or less well done.

Cheap APK

To carry out an MOT there are several inexpensive options; often widely advertised this in garages, causing an MOT does not have to cost more than a few bucks. Remember that a cheap MOT is a way to bring in a customer; many cars still have a few minor problems and a garage will try to bring in solving these problems as instructed. So think well what is really necessary for the APK.