Schiphol: Privium membership

drozd63 28-01-2018 Auto
Packing a flight is often quite an event, which is not one-two-three finishes. Parking, search check-in, check-in, delivering suitcases, customs, long queues etc .... Especially if need be flown frequent business for example, then this may be perceived as annoying. However, if you enjoy at Schiphol Privium member of more efficiency and comfort.

Privium membership: What is it?

Privium membership is a membership of Schiphol Airport. Membership is designed for the frequent traveler. Anyone who flies frequently will this course with the least possible delay. Privium membership can be considered in principle as a kind of service program. Privium member enjoying more speed, comfort and priority example, parking and check-in.
There are three different types of memberships:
  • Privium Basic
  • Privium Plus
  • Partner Card

Privium Basic only covers the use of the new method of border passage: The Iris. This is a new method that saves a lot of time. It happened in an instant. Privium Plus membership is a greatly expanded version, with more speed, comfort, priority and therefore more privileges. The Partner Card is designed for Privium Plus members, who with this card provide immediate access to the iris scan. Someone with a Partner Card may also use the exclusive Privium Club Lounge.

What are the benefits of Privium membership?

As discussed previously, using a new method in the border passage. Through a scan of your eye, all your data is available, and you'll be ready in an instant. Privium Basic only encompasses the use of this new method.
As a Privium Plus member you enjoy much more privileges and benefits:
  • Rapid passage with iris scan
  • Access to the Privium Club Lounge, exclusively for Privium Plus members
  • Benefits and priority parking at Schiphol
  • May be checked through the business class
  • Benefit at various stores at Schiphol Plaza

Once membership is a fact one has yet come along to scan their irises for inclusion in the system. Furthermore, the Privium Card to be retrieved and activated. Privium membership is not just for frequent travelers, but also for people who travel less frequently.
What are the costs of the Privium membership?
Privium membership annual contribution is asked of ?? 185, - for Privium Plus, ?? 119, - for Privium Basic and ?? 69, - for a Privium Partner.