Seniors: extend license

crompta 07-01-2018 Auto
A driving license has limited validity, namely ten years. When the validity expires, the license must be renewed. However, for the elderly and seniors apply stricter rules. There apply when you are 60 plus, 65 plus and 70 plus are always different rules. It may even be necessary to have to carry out a medical test. Read this article about the renewal of the license for the elderly.


A driving license is valid for ten years. From the age of sixty, however, a different rules. The extension from that time directed that you should be medically examined from the seventieth year of life. The following rules apply:
  • If you are between 60 and 65 years your license is valid until you're 70 years old. Your driver's license is valid for 5 to 10 years
  • If you are between 65 and 70 years: your driver's license is valid for at least 5 years
  • Are you 70 years or older: every time your license is valid for up to five years. The condition is that there is a medical examination every five years. Moreover, there are plans to increase the age for compulsory medical examination for 75 years.

As you can see there must be a medical examination after the seventieth year of life every five years before your license is renewed. For the seventieth year of life is such an examination required only when the applicant has attained the age of 65 already and are in possession of a driving license whose expiration date expires during or after your seventieth birthday.

Reminder Letter

To remind you of the expiry of the license the CBR will send you a reminder notice six months in advance. When you ontvangste after the reminder you take action you plenty of time to get everything before the expiration of the license on time around. Do not wait too long, because in that case it is possible that the renewal of the license may not timely controlled.

Certificates of fitness

To prolong the license you have to make a statement about your health. Such a statement is made and questionnaire to fill in. If you need to undergo a medical examination, the doctor will have to fill in part of the questionnaire. This concerns a self-declaration of Medicine report. You should check the self-declaration with medical report itself to buy the municipality skin, to the CBR or at the driving school. Once filled out by the doctor can send the statement to the CBR which displays generally reply within four weeks. If you have a positive answer can be given to arrange the license at the town hall.

What is checked during a medical examination?

During a mandatory medical examination, the doctor will check your mental and physical health. These include functional testing of legs, arms and your vertebrae. Furthermore, there is a blood pressure measurement site, a urine test for diabetes and a check of your eyes. The results of this test are then listed on the self-declaration of Medicine report by the doctor.

Moped Driver's license renewal

In contrast to the license for the car the stricter rules do not apply to the moped license. That decision is whether to extend your age without requiring a medical certificate is required. Obviously, it is recommended not to moped to drive more when you realize that medical faults the safety of you and your fellow road users stand in the way.