Signposts -1- Speed ​​Priority and Closed Statements

birdseed 02-03-2018 Auto
In the Netherlands we have a lot of different types of traffic. Of some significance is clear to everyone, others are not so well known. Therefore in this series of articles explaining the different types of signs and their significance.

A-boards, panels B and C-plates

A-boards are all signs that indicate something about the speed and B-signs all indicate anything about whether or not to grant priority. C signs are signs that relate to closed statements.


B plates


Further signs

There are many more signs. All signs are divided into the following groups;
Comments (8)

The white sign with red border. Text underneath 6-19 hours. When can I here 120/130 km / h?


Are you signs, repeated after leaving the motorway? and in what way?


A C-plate When a truck, this also applies to buses on the board? and if a bus is therefore this applies to trucks? Hans


In IJsselmonde we have a roundabout roundabout which is a yield sign at the point where the car comes from the right, below the yield sign there is a sign white with black letters TRAM you do have now no priority on the streetcar?


Keeps a sign "one-way street" in which a crossing no priority needs to be given to the right?


Matrix Signs above the motorways file causers. As soon as the speed 50 is indicated, a motorist kicks already on the brake, the rest vogld. As a cause, another file.Ook representatives may quite a small car driving, it's all big cars with a person in it.


Just a small correction. When signs in priority situations have no priority over traffic, but drivers. . Pedestrians do not just with this. In case of pedestrians we call "to let go".


I'm not sure, but I think that the tram has priority ...