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Signposts Netherlands - Plus hazard. Every road user is expected to know the signs and traffic rules. More important is it to understand how and why these rules. The rules and signs are designed or placed with a purpose. If you understand what might be the reason, you understand the movement and behavior of others better. The basis for the statement of the signs is the RVV 1990, Annex 1.

Dutch traffic signs

Below the Dutch road signs are displayed, with the exception of the notes, which in the RVV 1990, Annex 1, are described, including points of interest, and any additions from practice. The mentioned issues and additions will undoubtedly be extended to other examples, but must 'only' in addition to the statement of road signs. The 'explanation' is in each sign listed the official description of the RVV.
When approaching traffic signs and traffic rules, the following are important:
Drivers or pedestrians
Certain signs keep an order or prohibition applicable to drivers, pedestrians or other traffic signs apply to all road users.
Drivers are road users other than pedestrians.
This distinction is important when applying the rules of granting -whether or non- priority and to let go.
Priority is arranged between administrators. When we speak of pedestrians let go for
Motor vehicles
All motorized vehicles, except for the disabled, mopeds and vehicles, intended to be driven by means other than along rails.
Also fall tractors, trolley buses and the like under. Trams and trains, because these are moved along rails.
All road users.
So drivers and pedestrians.
Bicycles, disabled vehicles, motor vehicles, trams and cars.
So both on the road, and rail.
Road users
Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, drivers of a disabled vehicle, a vehicle or a tram, riders, accompanying horses or other animals or livestock and directors of a strung or unstrung car.
Think in traffic on the distinction between drivers and road users and traffic.


Rijkswaterstaat will be in the coming years many plates from the K series = adjust signage or replaced. The signs referred to in the article will therefore be out of date at any given time. Until then apply the signs and notes as shown below. Interest in the innovations, see: Adapting blue traffic

Road safety

Many serious accidents occur in situations where there is a 'afdekongeval. Be aware of situations in which there may exist and look at: Road Safety - afdekongeval

Requirements theory exam

The theory exam for the passenger consists of three parts:
  • A section on hazard recognition;
  • A section on traffic rules;
  • A section on traffic insight / risk ?? s.

You have passed the theory test as:
  • you're good at least 12 questions from the section hazard;
  • you have at least 35 questions right out of the traffic components and traffic insight.

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Dear Wouter, Thanks je.Is this meant: - Sjaak


What does the parking notice to parking sign for permit holders?


It's the next topic. Mandatory bicycle path and bike path voluntarily. A year ago we were obliged to buy a mustache scooter because my wife could not cycle, we are 64 and 65 years. We are not people to the all day to sit behind the geraniums and love nature so much Run go there to enjoy nature. We live in Breda and then drive around too much on mandatory cycle lanes and driving all sorts of routes indicated. The moped around no faster than 25 a'27 km / h. Yesterday we suddenly came to the conclusion that almost all signs must be replaced before the bike lane sign voluntarily bicycle path, and we should not drive under the law. Now the cyclist is doing a great job but I do not understand why we have to pay for what the youth havoc with their souped mustache scooters, we are now waiting to die and we can no longer enjoy the omgeving.De next step will be that the youth with tricycles full of children being excluded ride on the bike path, just like us. Where is the end, people can now have nothing more to each other. Grab the youth with their souped-up scooters, because they do not dare to, and moreover we have experience and sometimes end up in the roadside because they divert it like it so much in the last half a meter and get a big mouth. Please send your answer and we hope that we do no one doen.Ps our mustache scooter away in Breda can tell me why this measure is genomen.mvg J.F.v.Nijnatten


When I approach an intersection with only shark teeth on the road and no sign I must therefore give priority gladly answer your VGR h the young


Am looking for the meaning of the sign: vertical rectangular, blue with white trim. At the top of a white square with a black bar above and below. In the middle of the letters "K & R". Lay plate same as E12.Graag your antwoord.Alvast cordial dank.S. Poppelaars


I have long been looking for the meaning of the following traffic: a rectangular plate, in vertical arrangement, with the image of alternating black and white stripes of three centimeters that are at an angle of 45-60 aangebracht.Je, this board often , with slip roads, for bridges, exit lanes enz.Kunt you help me? Thank you, greetings, J.K.Raaijmakers.


This site is very useful for the traffic to leren.Maar maybe it is handag to set the directions of the police ?!


Dear P, I would not with certainty say may give it an area for companies / organizations which places within certain areas are set aside where may be parked Mvg - Sjaak


Dear J Mostly 'sanctuaries' and / or 'nature' where rest and recreation the main objective point.The fact that you only with a moped with the engine on the non obligatory paths can drive to do with the fact that moped riders the rules Cyclists should follow, but this apparently for moped riders is.Het not desirable for the area will be a municipal policy which I can say little more. Alternatively, possibly an electric bike can zijn.Dat too hard and / or reckless driving -with namely mopeds actually rewarded by the regulatory change, I agree with you. However, this is a personal opinion and is not supported by the accident figures. Bit 'the chicken or the ei'.Mvg - Sjaak


Dear Henk, In general, at a crossroads where priority should be given to directors to be placed on the intersecting road traffic B6 in combination with shark teeth / fitted, but ... shark teeth have an independent function. This means that the line remains the same if there are only shark teeth arranged. Requirement is that the shark teeth are clearly visible; this is the task of the wegbeheerder.Mvg - Sjaak


Dear, This board is part of the E-series and is placed in an "opportunity for the deposition of someone" Mvg - Sjaak


Dear JK, By this sign you will be alerted to a narrowing or end of the vluchtstrook.Zie also: - Sjaak