Solar Roadways - solar energy

In today's society there are some things on which everything turns, one of which is energy. Scientists believe it when fossil fuels in about 50 to 60 years on. These fossil fuels will make sure that we can with the car, but also the lights in our house to go or that a hot shower can be taken. This can to a large extent away when we find any new energy facilities. A couple in the US, Julie and Scott Brusaw, has invented to produce clean energy through the sun.

The idea of ​​Solar Roadways

The invention, which Julie and Scott have done is also called Solar Road Ways. It will be roads, which are normally covered with asphalt, covered with solar panels. These solar panels are hexagonal and may be attached next to each other easily. There are a number of reasons to do so.

Why solar panels on the way?

As a first win energy by the sun's rays falling on the solar panels, the calculations are done when you were all the roads in the US replaced with these panels you can generate three times the energy needs of the country. This number is large, but this is even only a worst-case scenario. Secondly, the roads pay for themselves! Asphalt is on the road, basically nothing to do, it wears and is replaced. This costs every year of course tons of money. The Solar Roadways are designed to average 20 to 30 years old can join, which is considerably longer than with asphalt. When a panel breaks down it can be easily removed and replaced. Another benefit that is built-in is that the panels are equipped with a heating element. In winter, when there is usually snow or ice on the roads is will the Solar Roadways through the element making the road snow / ice free. This reduces emissions and buying snow blades, gritting and of course the costs that involve accidents themselves.
The electric cars of today naturally fit very well with this project. If the car needs charging this could easily along the way. An even better approach is the mutual inductance, which means that the car is recharged by the road while driving. The creators have the latter is not yet incorporated in, but think about it in order to implement it. The advantage of all this is once again that the total traffic image is free of emissions. Expectations are that the total emissions in the country by 75% can be reduced by this project.

Still a number of applications

The solar panels are equipped with microprocessors and LEDs. The energy that is generated, the panels can be used for the interactive use of the roads. Along the way there are signs, but these are by this technology obsolete. On the way to a clear directions are given, by means of the LED's can, for example, a plate or a text are drawn. Also lines on roads, parking lots and other places will be redundant which have the same weather for less cost to society creates. The panels also are pressure sensitive, if there is something heavy on the road has fallen like a tree or something goes on the road, the car drivers can be alerted in real time. This is a small sample of the applications that have been devised so far for Solar Roadways.

We will soon see Solar Roadways on our roads?

Or our roads soon Solar Roadways I doubt it. In the US, they are currently working hard to further develop the concept. The US government already has a lot of money invested in the project, but also through crowdfunding they have more than two million dollars managed to get together. There are therefore already been a number of tests which have produced promising results. Nevertheless, many people were skeptical about this project, and many suggest that this project will not succeed. If this technology ever spill over to the Netherlands, it will at least change drastically our streets and our polluted air hopefully be refreshed again.