Special operations - Reverse Curve

Bend backwards - Special Maneuver. Curve can be one of special operations backward, you should perform while passing your practical test for driving license at the CBR at its discretion. It is one of the operations, which you can demonstrate drive and vehicle control and your traffic insight. Bend backwards is considered by many as one of the toughest special operations, because sending and sending listen closely to come out good. Ask for sufficient repetition during your driving lessons from this exercise if you do too so experienced. To assist you read below how you perform the exercise for -step steps.

Bend backwards

Here you drive the car backwards a right bend. Enter the operation step by step, with slipping clutch. Optionally, you may bijgeven a little gas, but remember that you give yourself more time to act and look, if you quietly perform the exercise. This is especially true before and during the submission of the curve.

Driving give the link without gas

This lets you stand the clutch pedal slowly until the car starts rolling -around the aangrijpingspunt-. Roll the car once well at the idle speed, then kick your clutch again completely and let the car roll over quietly. Before the car comes to a halt, let the clutch pedal to rise around the point of application, so that the car remains quiet in motion. This method of bring the containers to and activation of the clutch pedal repeat as long as is necessary to carry out the maneuver.

Beginning at bend backwards

First, be sure that you are not a one-way street run in. If this is not the case, you bring the car about 5 to 10 meters after the turn, approximately 30 to 50 cm. from the curb to a standstill. Before you do this, you look -before and during brakes- well in your mirrors and make possible to other road users clearly indicate what you will do, through a signal with turn signal, hazard lights or eye contact and gesture. Ensure that the car / the steering wheel is straight before you start the exercise. During the exercise, keep your car -as long hindert- you do not move, you can see other traffic and feel the best that you let the car do.


When reversing stick to the curb in the middle of your rear window as a focal point and a leisurely drive back parallel to the curb. Once the bend -after the opportunity right curb of the street you want to run into the rear side window appears on your rear, you already send one full turn to the right. Send quietly and evenly and leave the car during the roll forward.
Are you about half of the curve, you make the steering movement to the right finishing touch. The car is almost right against the road axis, please send your raft and a half stroke back until the car runs right back. Trade and smooth look and feel ?? ?? What does the car while casting the steering operations.
When backing up straight you hold back on the curb in the middle of your rear window. You can now correct your driving line even slightly backwards -Quiet rijdend-. Then drive approximately 5 to 10 meters -evenwijdig the stoeprand- through in a straight line, before bringing the car to a halt. Try to get out at the same distance from the curb, if the distance at the start of the exercise. Starting off, after completion of the exercise, you give direction to the left, if you move off safely.

Look at implementation of the Reverse Curve

  • You look 'around' the car before you start the exercise
  • You only switch in reverse, if there is no traffic briefly behind the car, so make good in your mirrors!
  • While driving you repeatedly keep "around" watching the car, especially when steering the curve.
  • When rounding the bend you look again 'around' the car, but also behind the car.
  • Then you look at reversing again well and also expects to turn -by the opportunity obstacles and the like.
  • When driving away look in the mirror before the car, in your left mirror and over your left shoulder to see if you can safely participate in traffic.
  • After starting off until you add the post in the mirrors