Special operations - Vakparkeren

Vakparkeren. Backwards or forwards to park in a parking space is one of the special operation that you will be able to perform in the practical B. But ... even after obtaining your license, you will regularly need vakparkeren. In the most recently built residential areas and shopping centers in the vakparkeren is a skill that you will often have to apply to park the car. The raft and safely perform the vakparkeren is important. Read -step steps for how to act during the performance of this particular operation required of you is one the most desirable viewing habits here.


At the special operation vakparkeren you steer the car reversing into a parking space, surrounded by white lines and / or curb. The exercise is walking pace, performed by slipping clutch. Do not send ?? ?? dry, but only if the car is in motion. This is both see better for the steering of the car and on the other hand and feel better what the car is doing and what direction rolls out of the car.

To get away with parking spaces

Upon coming to ride, drive three subjects beyond the parking space that you have chosen to submit. So you stop with your right mirror at the height of the beginning of the fourth box. Do not focus too much on the counting of the boxes, but in the meantime continue to pay close attention to the traffic around the car.

Stopping at a parking bay

Bring the car, upright wheels stop, three courses beyond the parking space where you want to send. Keeping a distance of about one meter from the parking bays. This distance hold you to that, because you're generally enough space to steer through the already parked car ?? s going.

Submitting backwards into the parking space

Switch off in reverse gear and turn the car quietly moving. The box where you want to park yourself on your job 1. You send in as soon as the car starts moving half a turn, when the boundary between parking bays 3 and 4 appear in your right front car window. .
You steering behavior continues throughout the implementation of the entire exercise calmly and fluently, as well as the speed of the car.

Returning to the parking space

Before the nose of the car almost perpendicular to the road axis, you send smooth and supple half turn back, so that the wheels of the car coming straight ahead, you come right handlebar and the right car then reverses the box. Look around you to get your bearings if you keep the proper driving line and correct it if necessary light and calm, allow yourself time to act. So look and feel what the car!

Parking finish in the box

Please note that the car is not too far from rolling backwards so that you stand on a slightly sloping surface. Put the car on time so silently, without touching the curb, but make sure that the car is fully in the box.

Pulling away from the parking

When driving away from the parking space, give you direction and sends only if the mirrors of the car are the same as the beginning of the parking space. In this way, send you back neatly with a gradual turn to other parked vehicles around. Note also now well on your driving line and correct it if necessary. Steering wheel so that you utmost convenience in your own lane and potential oncoming traffic does not interfere.

Viewing habits during vakparkeren

  • First, keep in mind that you have to let all other traffic during the entire exercise and should not unduly interfere
  • To get away and to stop: before and during braking in interior and exterior look with an eye on the traffic behind. Make sure you are clear and indicate if this is a desirable signal with brake light, flashing light or alarm lights
  • Before the start of the exercise you look 'around' the car. This means interior before the car, mirror, over the shoulder and behind the car
  • Before you engage reverse gear you look in the mirror. When oncoming traffic behind the car you waiting for just turning on. Enabling you to go burn white reverse lights and this can lead to shock reactions from the cars behind, because they might suspect that you're going to drive directly.
  • During the execution of the exercise several times "around" watching the car, especially the steering movement. You then looks to the side, opposite to the steering movement. So right Submitting = left watching.
  • When turning into the parking space you look back 'around', but also behind the car. There are possible shoppers, pedestrians, children playing behind the car
  • Before and during driving away; look good for the car and left and right to determine whether you can send from the parking safe again
  • After starting off do you do once you regain your right to your own driving lane after the control in your mirrors; you finally find yourself back in a new traffic situation, which you should set yourself up to date immediately

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What is the proper attitude of the driver backward vakparkeren. Drive your best back only to the use of your mirrors or look backwards with your shoulder back to run?


Dear Christel, if you come to drive in the correct estimate and selects the proper position, however, the use of the mirrors alone would have sufficient point.The is wise your driving line over your shoulder to check during execution and most importantly ... a last check whether the space behind the vehicle to safely drive .Mvg - Sjaak