Stena Line: crossings to England

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With the specialized Stena Line can go to England by boat. The route Hook of Holland to Harwich is ideal for the Dutch traveler who want to southern England. A single to Harwich with the passage of 14:30 cost for an adult foot passenger ?? 33. By car you can soon expect ?? 68.


Stena Line is a Swedish shipping company. The company is one of the world's largest ferry companies. In 1962 Sten A. Olsson took over the company Skagenlinjen, resulting in Stena Line. The seat is today remained the same, Gothenburg. Stena Line has for the Dutch traveler to offer one route: Hoek van Holland-Harwich.


Harwich is located in the south of England, 86.2 miles away from London. Stena Line uses two ships on this route, the Stena Hollandica and Stena Britannica. Both fleets accommodate 300 cars ?? s and 900 passengers. The Stena Hollandica is 240 meters long and 28.7 meters wide. The Stena Britannica is as long as the Stena Hollandica, 240 meters, and has a width of 29 meters.
On the ships, one can make use of various facilities. One can shop, drink at the bar, eat in the restaurants or relax in the cabins. The passenger tariffs a choice of two types: flexible economy and whose economy is the cheapest.
Stena Line offers two departures from the Hook of Holland. It departs at 14:30 and arrives at 20 o'clock on whether one takes the boat by 22:00 and arrive the next morning at around 6:30. Is chosen for the second passage it must be a hut to reserve for the night. When crossing from 14:30 that is not necessary. From Harwich leave the boats at 09:00 and at 23:45.


The price depends on a number of logical factors such as: how many people go with it, what type of passengers go there, go to the travelers by car, etc. Stena Line offers different types of passengers different rates. The company makes a broad distinction between adults, children, children, students and seniors. To give an indication one way ticket will be booked for the crossing at 14:30 on May 1, 2012:

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