Tato Nano Netherlands

Tato Nano, the cheapest car in the world was from March 23, 2009 available in India. The vehicle was intended to make India mobile. The Tato Nano or Nano is a four-door car and in 2009 only cost 1475 to 1700 euros, or around $ 2,000. The industry used car ?? s not happy about it, because many people may prefer to choose an affordable Nano, but the public is very satisfied. In 2015, the great success of Tato Nano failed to materialize, although the car is still produced. Tato Nano is also available in the Netherlands? Tato Nano Netherlands in 2015 have not really established. There is to be found not Tato Nano dealer. The Tato Nano is a car, if you get him here you drive for little money in a new car. However, Indian brokerage, and there is some criticism of the small vehicle. The Nano, however, looks pretty good and is affordable for most people. Even in India, where people get little salary, the car is affordable for the majority of the residents. Criticism being heard about the Tato Nano:
  • the steering wheel is on the left
  • the rear seats should look like in relation to our European directives for fastening seatbelts
Tato Nano is improved over the years. A European version would get airbags, power steering, traction control and ABS. Therefore, the car is also more expensive, and will such a small 8000 - could cost. Not so cheap anymore so.

Tato Nano self import

In 2015 Tato Nao itself seems still import the best option. You can import it and then let it put on license. In Europe, he namely in May 2015 is still not available. There is an import manual written by the Foundation "Glad That I Row." The purchase price of the Tato Nano is or doubled transport costs and associated costs. But about 5000, - you can drive around in your own new Tato Nano. Whether you imported Tato Nano will get with or without airbrags and ABS, it is important to know. Because in the Netherlands there are different safety requirements for cars. so avoid unpleasant surprises and extra costs.

Does the Nano in Europe?

A European version of the Nano has long been underway. Producer Tata Motors originally wanted the affordable passenger car ownership possible for all people, especially in countries whose economy is emerging. They focus on cities. In 2014 they still plan to the Nano also get to Europe, other car manufacturers are not happy with the initiative. Who fear they will miss a lot of profit because the Nano is small, dirt cheap, easy to park, and thus for more reasons ideal for large cities.

Nano from Tata Motors

The current Nano is a simple courtesy, with no luxuries ?? s such as air conditioning, power steering and automatic windows. However, there will be luxury models appear on the market. The Nano has a simple engine of 625 cc. Tata Motors was planning to bring the Nano in October 2008 already on the market but there were some teething problems. Like many companies, Tata Motors is also not pleased with the global economic problems. In 2008 the company was with considerable losses. The general expectation was that the Tato Nano Motors would not immediately pull out of the financial downturn. However, there was sufficient interest in the car, that's not the problem, but it turned out to Tato Motors not easy to meet demand. Only around 2010 was a new factory in western India are ready to produce more Nano ?? s. In 2009 Tato could therefore only be able to sell a piece or 40 000 Nano ?? s too little to make big profits. The profit therefore was only a year or five, as expected around the year 2014. Tato Nano is in 2015 still the cheapest car in the world, and still in production.

Nano, what does this car look like?

The original Nano has a small compact model, four, tough to see. The car may be doing even the most reminiscent of a cross between a Mini Cooper and a microcar. The dimensions are 310 cm long, at 150 wide and 160 high. Small is beautiful so. Four people can be in the original Nano, also some baggage, and it consumes fuel only 1 in 25. The Nano is a car on all fronts. It includes a two-cylinder engine of about 625 cc. The Nano is available in different colors.