Tatra car from the Czech Republic

A car company from the Czech Republic where a lot of people will have never heard of. Yet it is a company that has already celebrated 100 years of existence 10 years ago. In 1850 the foundation was laid for a car dealership in 1920 through a merger, the name ?? Tatra Werke AG ?? get. At the end of the last century, the production of passenger ?? s stop was put, but the trucks are up on the still immensely popular today.


Already in 1850 the car company Ignaz Schustala & Co. was founded. This was done by Ignaz Schustala born in 1822 in the town of Kopřivnice in the Czech Republic. In 1850 the town was called Nesseldorf and belonged to the empire of Austria-Hungary.
In 1953 he formed a partnership with Adolf Raschka, a wealthy businessman who could help him financially, he's expanding his business.

History of Tatra up to 1900

  • In 1866 it even became purveyor to the Prussian king Friedrich Karl.
  • In 1877 died Raschka, until that time the company was very prosperous. From that moment, things are going very badly
  • In 1881 Schustala passes to produce railcars. The Stauding-Stram Berger railway Schustala namely has requested for these wagons.
  • In 1890 gets the engineer Hugo von Rosslerstamm as technical director of the railway to the company Schustala.
  • In 1891 dies Schustala, the same year the company led by Von Rosslerstamm a company ?? Nesseldorfer Wagenbau Fabriks Geschellschaft ??
  • In 1897 Hans Ledwinka is he brought in the company. He is a car designer, born in Austria. He improved the transmission of the Nesseldorf president, and designed amongst other things ?? Nesseldorfer ??

Tatra in the 20th century

  • In 1904 the main workshop founded in Vienna
  • In 1916 Ledwinka leaves for the Steyr company, where he is head designer
  • In 1920 goes Nesseldorfer Wagenbau merge with Ringhoffer AG in Prague and the company now has ?? Tatra Werke AG ??. It will concentrate on the production of both passenger cars and trucks.
  • In 1921 Ledwinka comes back to Tatra
  • In 1923 the Tatra 11 is presented at the 15th Prague Motor Show. The car had the typical Tatra chassis, and was a revolution in car area. It was cheap, small and indestructible, had four gears. His successor, the Tatra 12 will get brakes on the front wheels. Of these two models are sold in 25,000 copies.
  • In 1932, the Tatra 57, previously had been produced models with a 2.0 or 2.3 liter engine. The T57b comes it is produced in 1938 and up to 1949.
  • In 1934, the T77, the famous car introduced. This car is level with the Chrysler Airflow and the Rumpler Tropfenwagen of the pioneers in the sleek automobiles. The car had an air-cooled 3.4 liter engine and was the basis for all models that are going to be yet delivered.
  • In 1936 come T77a, T87 and T97 in the market. The last model is strikingly similar to the KdF Wagen from Germany.

Tatra after the war

  • After the Second World War, the Tatra T600 Plan. The resident Ledwinka in prison contributed to this model. The car will remain in production until 1952.
  • In 1950 the Tatra 607 comes
  • After a forced stop of a few years is then introduced the T603 in 1956. In means is the principal engineer Julius Mackerle. The car has its engine placed in the back and it has three headlights. Only in 1975 they stopped building this model.
  • In 1963, the T603 is adapted and released under the name T2 603. The three lights were replaced by four.
  • In 1968, the T613 is designed by the Italian Carrozzeria Vignale, but only taken in 1974 in full production. It's a great car, like the larger models from Mercedes. Many boot is found in the forecastle. The car remained in production until 1997. All produced T603, T613 and T2 603 are built for party functionaries of the Communist Party.

The last years of car production

At the end of the last century Tatra tried to bring an improved model T613 and T700 on the market. Unfortunately, there have been only 63 car. A year later in 1997 the 100th anniversary of the car company is celebrated.
In the last years of the last century, then decided to stop the production of passenger cars. However, the production of trucks continues. It is expected even in 2009 to achieve a target of more than two and a half thousand copies.


The Inter & TopMobiel in January 2007 were shown two identical Tatras T87.