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Fuel is expensive at the pump. How much exactly? The price of petrol, fuel and excise with the penny of Cook. Why is gas so expensive in our country? Everyone looks at the pump that fuels the car in the Netherlands are super high. Of course this has to do with market conditions, but do you know how high excise duties and other taxes on fuels such as VAT and tax stock. So try to refuel as cheaply as possible.

Purchase price of fuel

Fuel prices in our country have the following structure. First is the purchase price that varies greatly by changes in prices on the world market. Especially by increases in demand in China, India and the United States is oil producers against the limits of their capacity. Many investments will be needed to maintain the current capacity levels and increase further if possible. Meanwhile, increased demand and speculation continues. This bald purchase in most European countries at a similar level. As the global trade in oil products primarily in US dollars denominated, of course, a change in the exchange rate of the dollar versus our euro a clear impact on the price of fuel in euros ?? s.

The tax

The margin on the price of petrol is, according to Shell as ?? s 12.5 cents and there should still costs to be paid. The biggest influence on the price of fuel, the Tax with his charges. Taxes are high in our country. Thus consists roughly two-thirds of the fuel from excise and duties. Nobody is Cook the penny of mind that would be temporary. And these charges will only increase with the imminent increase in VAT, as fuel we already pay 21%. In other words, if the price of Euro 95 now amounts to 1.50 euro, which would without excise and taxes are about 60 cents. What a difference!

What duty we pay?

And we pay tax on many things. Excise duty is a consumption tax, which was designed and invented to extort money and to make sure that you are consuming because of high costs. Excise duties are on fuel, alcohol and tobacco. You pay and manufacturers, dealers or importers contribute this money to the tax authorities.

What tax do I pay?

We know a VAT rate of 21% and a rate of 6%. On gasoline, we pay the highest: 21 percent VAT. On top of additional inventory tax. On the basis of international agreements by the Foundation Central Petroleum Stockpiling Agency, COVA, retained a strategic stockpile of oil and that costs money.


Everyone knows that the price of fuel on and around the motorways are higher than elsewhere. So, who wants to save some, refuels elsewhere. But not in a rural area, because there are higher prices associated with lower sales of fuels.

Relationship with crude oil

It is not so that the crude oil and the fuel are related one to one. There is a separate market for petrol products, making it even possible that dropping the price of crude oil, as fuel prices go up. It is true that in early 2013 a barrel of oil cost 100 dollars, and in 2008 that figure was 147 dollars.

Relationship with gas

The gas that we use at home all by the Dutch government is directly linked to the price of crude oil. This means that we now not only with high prices for gasoline and the like have to do, but soon also expect an additional fee for gas consumption.

Prices at the pump

The prices at the pump, August 9, 2014, rounded to whole cents:

Finally, cheap fuel in 2014

No simpler we can not do for you, but of course more expensive. Incidentally, there are also various web sites that help you to refuel as cheaply as possible. Fortunately.
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It's just too crazy for words that need to be paid so much tax. If you must travel far i.v.m. Work will cost a fortune. Then you pay also a time tax. I want to be clear what have sometimes done with the excise and motorrijtugenbelasting. Other countries makes it even less tax and motor vehicle tax. As in Germany one pays much less tax. If it normally costs 60 cents per liter which goes to 90 cents go? How many liters are tanked on average per day and what is average within it.


Dear Bert, Would a nice Kamervraag instead of constantly driving more expensive to maken.Met Sincerely, Seagull