Ten tips on buying a used car

These suggestions apply when purchasing a car from a few thousand Euro ?? s. It's a big purchase ?? and who has lots of money, will follow it often spend more money. A car you buy because you want one or because you need one. You've already had the first major depreciation at a used car; The car costs much less than when it was new. Everywhere are exceptions to ?? even to this rule. Some car ?? s, especially classic cars ?? s and very rare models, now cost more than when they were new. That does not mean that this car ?? s too expensive. However, it is in such models often recommended, if you ever want to sell the car again, to put this in not for everyday use. Most other car ?? s are perfect to eat with mileage ?? ??, whether you are driving in 5000 or 50 000 kilometers per year. But where do you watch when you go to buy a car? What are good tips to not come home with a bad copy? Use when buying a used car these helpful tips. It's a big purchase, so your attention to these important issues can bring a lot of money or cut costs.

1. Only a technician buys a opknappertje

You are reading this Article, because you are not a technician. A car which is more favorable for damages, will also lower returns due to damage. Unless you are planning on him ?? ?? drive and then bring it to the demolition site, you do not buy a car with damage. The repair is almost always more expensive than the additional cost of another copy without damage.
The car has a different fault than harm? Buy only if you find it irrelevant. Some people do not care about a faulty air conditioning. If he does not leak, you can quietly buy the car ?? and make sure you get a competitive price, because a defect is reason to discount. For example, the same applies to a navigation system.
Defects should be important to everyone:
  • engine does not run properly
  • less braking
  • windows and doors do not open or close
  • tear in belt or do not lock
  • defogging of the windshield does not work
  • All other checkpoints APK.
Buy a car with MOT: he has been tested and meets some minimum requirements that ensure that you safely on the road. A car without MOT can not even drive on public roads!

2. Diesel and LPG for road

There are plenty of places on the web to calculate the so-called tipping point: from how many kilometers per year, it will be interesting to run on LPG or diesel? If you drive little, gasoline is cheaper option.
LPG also required additional maintenance of the installation and must occasionally interspersed with driving on gasoline, otherwise aging gasoline and potentially cause rust and woe to the engine and fuel supply.
The main reason to make diesel or LPG are the Dutch state that taxes make are much higher! The main reason to have to choose a diesel or LPG car, is that it is cheaper fuels. LPG consumption something more than petrol, but it costs much less, making the cost per kilometer are lower. That ultimately outweighs the higher maintenance costs and taxation. However, you can not always fill up and the tank itself occupies space: it takes trunk, or you do not have a spare with you.
A diesel car is more economical than a comparable gasoline car, and the fuel itself also costs less. The old prejudice of a noisy and slow car is rarely in a diesel engine now has a turbo and it compensates for a lot. Diesels are pretty quiet and often powerful. They're good cars ?? s to pull along a trailer or caravan.
A diesel or LPG variant of a car is often cheaper second-hand, while the purchase price was higher. That is a simple economics lesson! So there is obviously less demand for used cars ?? s LPG or diesel, then new on those fuels. Anyone who expects many kilometers will drive can achieve this advantage.
Do you want to calculate the tipping point? You do this by the fixed costs of the car ?? purchase price + road tax + insurance adding together. There you then add up the running at: fuel consumption multiplied by the number of kilometers. LPG is this plus a small additional amount to process the extra maintenance costs of LPG, and do not just have one tank of gas to be counted on. That sounds easy, but note this:
  • the consumption of the car is not the manufacturer, but the actual consumption, which is always higher;
  • by choosing LPG, petrol will automatically consume more than on gasoline. Count safely above 20%;
  • Take for fuel prices to be safe than sorry: for example, choose the current price + 15%, to incorporate any price increases.

3. The machine must be serviced every 150 000 km

It is no problem to buy a car with an automatic gearbox or even a semi-automatic gearbox. But there is a longstanding rule: once every 150,000 kilometers must be overhauled. And it takes quite a bit of money, especially since it is not a job that can be performed by just any garage. You can however by brand and model encounter different intervals, but 150 000 is a good rule.
How to recognize a bad machine that needs to be revised? A noisy machine is not a good copy more ?? if you hear any change of gear, especially with abrasive or knocking noises, it's time to tackle the machine closely. A vending machine that will not change, or even at constant speed keeps shifting, is confused. Also contains a serious or shocking car is a good indication that the robot is not quite right. Of course it is also significant, if you include the location of the operator is formed a grease or oil stain!

4. Observe the bands

Tire replacement is a standard affair. Still, does it matter how the tires of a match to it are increasing. There are two ways to look at that.
First, if they need to be replaced soon, you can add up the price of two or four tires on your purchase price! Perhaps you could use this in the negotiations, to negotiate discounts, or even new tires to negotiate free or for a small fee. Also remember: tires are nearly always replace together in pairs, so each axis. A single tire replacement is only relevant if the band is still very new, but has been damaged. And do not forget the spare!
Secondly, the band set under your future occasion also a message. They are of different brands? Then there is the owner skimped on maintenance, especially when not even two but even three or four brands. A manufacturer or brand garage will always put a car on tires of a well-known brand, but sometimes matching the origin. So Hyundai on Hankook tires is not so crazy, and not even a Mercedes-Benz. This brand has become a leading brand, like Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Yokohama, Toyo, Dunlop and Vredestein.
But beware: even A-brand tires can hide a problem, because they are not completely new bought, but as second band, or with a replacement tread, or even a cut up ?? ?? tread. The first two options are beneficial, but can, with a shorter life span, function properly. A cut-up band is much less secure, because this is cut in the rubber, in order to make some of it. The rubber is thinner and therefore the risk of a blowout bigger.

5. Take a test drive

If the seller wants you to make a test drive, or a lame excuse, feel free to leave the car. A car is yet to ride in? If necessary, should the owner / seller ride, fine, but you're going to do behind the wheel and take a ride.
The points:
  • When driving straight on a flat road at the wheel just let go, or at least loosely, without force, hold on. It may well be so, then you have to adjust. But if that is always in the same direction, pulling the car crooked ?? ??. The causes are found in such warped or worn parts such as the steering, suspension, brakes, and tires.
  • Search for a test drive a car park, industrial park or square on. There you can try the following:
  • Create some momentum and go full braking. If the car does not skew that is a good sign.
  • Row on a flat piece of laps, maximum rotate with the wheel. If that gives noise, or you notice a difference between left and right, then that is a good reason to look for the cause. Do this also absolutely agree with the clutch depressed.
  • Drive a slalom, at not too high a speed. A car should not have any problem with this, but the so-called nuisance bills that you can apply will bring oddities in image.
  • ARKO: All windows can be opened. Check if it is, make sure all the vents do, or all belts are in order, and whether the central locking does. Does the seat adjustment properly?
  • And watch more just, or a nice car for you: sporty or comfortable enough, spacious enough, decent size. How much is a wear spot on the cover of the driver's seat? Or at the door? Do not worry, just define your own standard herein, and be there by the seller nothing about fooled.
  • Look midway or after the test drive once under the hood. Is there enough windshield wiper fluid? It is more likely that there is good care of the car. It's under the hood a mess, with lots of twigs and dust? For this car is poorly taken care of, because in a turn, you get the worst mess away. And under the oil cap, how is it there? Check the oil level and make sure it is neat black / brown. Is the oil lumpy then there is at least something very wrong with the oil. Possibly worse: the motor itself is sick! You see that even better by opening the oil cap the engine. Pay attention to the motor can be very hot.

6. Option to purchase from an individual or a company

This is a choice that revolves around money and security.
Save your money now to buy, or do you spend more now, hoping in the future need to spend less on maintenance? The individual must offer a lower price than a garage. Check whether this is really so, there are also individuals who just ask for a higher price just because they find that their car is worth it, or because they hope to make a profit. Also consult with a privately about making a purchase check, so you ?? at your own expense ?? figure can come, whether it is indeed a good buy.
When you have a company guarantees: even if a car is sold with no guarantee, a company must inform you precisely and thereby may expect expertise. From a private person, you may not. A company is liable for the cars it sells, so long as it does not go bankrupt, you always have legal options.
At a garage BOVAG have extensive rights. There is a garage for the mandatory complaints / disputes committee, allowing you to enjoy reasonably good protection. And then there's the BOVAG warranty or guarantee brand that offers added value when it comes to unexpected maintenance costs. Note: Some things just go play, and need not be replaced free of charge. Straps are really no more than 100,000 kilometers to go, the battery could be destroyed, and if the oil is not replaced in time, is the resulting damage to your engine is not under warranty. But if you keep car neatly, it is reasonable that premature wear under warranty. As the chair mechanism of a two year old car, or the central locking system of a five year old car.
A company can arrange the transfer of the vehicle papers for you, from a private individual you have to do that yourself. It's not expensive, but something to regulate properly and timely. The license plate now comprises a registration card and the Transfer Certificate). Part II is only required for car exports. They do require the ascription code, even when the registration card. This is the part that is required for transfer of the license plate and that you ought to keep at home. Ascription Codes consist of 9 digits. The first four digits you will receive upon registering the car and the last five digits if you receive the registration card. Only by car ?? s changed in 2004 or earlier owner, would you still can see Part III. Look at the site of the RDW for more information.
Not sure whether you understand a car good enough? Buy him anyway with the more expensive but more reliable BOVAG or approved dealer.

7. The speaker test

Look carefully at the rear of the interior. See, for example, in the rear doors, rear tray or in the boot, holes where an audio speaker fits in? Then those speakers certainly also seated. That's not a good sign: the owner has had speakers here, but they also struck again myself. That can be such severe instances, a car is literally worse the sound vibrations. Rubber Parties, soundproofing materials, the exhaust suspension: suddenly earns extra control. And then it is another question whether this audio enthusiast has his car handled very nicely, or very sloppy. Just look around: it is very dirty?

8. Look no longer in the newspaper

But looking through the internet. That does not mean that you sometimes just anywhere can drive or bike along, and come across something interesting! On the Internet there are some Big Boys, where you can enjoy a wide range:
  • AutoScout24.nl
  • Autotrader.nl
  • Autotrack.nl
  • Marketplace
Smaller, but certainly interesting are:
  • GasPedaal.nl
  • Autokopen.nl
The first three sites are the most reliable, but, in general, is also true: if a car at multiple sites is to be found, the probability of a reliable sales address is larger.

9. When in doubt ??

  • When in doubt, if only a little bit, whether the vehicle is original, or that maybe involves a stolen copy: note the chassis number and go through the RDW how it is. Sometimes you can do this using only the Dutch license plate already.
  • If you are unsure whether a vehicle has had damage, please inquire. Even write something on this subject, that lets you draw by the seller. Almost every car has ever sustained parking damage, which is fine and makes a vehicle unsafe. But it is therefore a more serious touch, which is straightened out, or even plate members or bumpers have been replaced. You can also see whether you see the color of the car. If the panels sit tight in the paint, but differ in color, then paint damage repair is likely. You can also under the hood or in the wheel arches to look for signs of damage such as rust. Bumpers and plastic moldings discolor often different sheet metal parts, mainly at full paint colors like yellow and red will be visible. It is therefore not always damage, but the value is still slightly lower.
  • Insure? This can be costly. Find out first with your insurer, because some cars ?? s are extra prone to theft, with a higher premium as a result. Classics in that list are the Volkswagen Golf, particularly with larger engines, and virtually all Audi, BMW and Mercedes models. Rule Insurance least two working days before the transfer of the car. Therefore the registration is essential, but also the reporting code, which consists of the last three digits of the chassis number.
  • Am I completely?
  • These are things there? How many car keys are, and did you get all those, including additional remote controls, alarms and the like? Do you really have all the papers and books? Besides, you have a signed contract? And this indeed have the car you bought?

10. Trade in or sell it yourself?

If you have a car to trade in, you can use this course in the negotiations. Often this results in a tidy sum, but if you are patient, and the matter goes back a little, you can also try to sell your car. Do it anyway via Marketplace, because you become like private buyer viewed the most. Mind you sell on the dangers of self. The potential buyers are not all straightforward. Some want to just give you a low price ?? that is not a great danger, but if you pay attention. Others want to advance your own car, but will never pay. Making a test drive too ?? ?? can be included. Are you going to protect your car? You can be kidnapped, although the chance of course is not great. Who buys your car can do so under a false name ?? and then know where your house lives ?? ??. You will not be the first to be robbed in this way. So the simple advice: be a little leery and do things only if you do have confidence in. This also applies to simple measures such as always with two or more people there receive the buyer, or meet in public places. That's for the other also safe. Is this all too much risk? Then sell your car on the market, through one of the websites that are focused on it, or even via the ANWB.
One last tip: print out this article and keep it at hand.
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