Tenerife air disaster: causes of the largest aviation disaster ever

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On March 27, 1977 was the biggest disaster in aviation history occurred. Two Boeing collided at Tenerife together, while 583 people were killed. The first anniversary of the disaster took place only in 2002.

The disaster on Tenerife

On March 27, 1977 were 583 people killed in a plane crash when a Boeing 747 of KLM at a Boeing 747 of Pan Am collided. The major plane crash was an accumulation of things. The Pan-Am plane that flew to Gran Canaria had 396 holidaymakers and crew on board. The flight which was already a half hour later in Los Angeles went to the Canary Islands and had made a stopover in New York. There were another 103 boarded passengers. The passengers were on their way to a cruise in the Mediterranean. Captain at the Pan Am Boeing was Victor Grubbs. He was told that he was not allowed to land in connection in connection with the threat of a bombing. Grubs wanted to continue circling, but was denied permission. He had to move to Tenerife and first nations there.


The stopover in Tenerife had to be made because there was a bomb attack perpetrated on Las Palmas by the secessionist movement led by Antonio Cubillo. The fear and the threat that there was a second bomb would be committed.

The Dutch unit of KLM in Tenerife

The KLM plane that came from the Netherlands, which had 248 passengers and crew aboard, was given the same assignment. The number 4805, was a charter flight full of vacationers tour of Holland International. There were mainly Dutch in the device that morning from Amsterdam set off for Las Palmas. This device, the KLM Boeing Rhine, had to move to Tenerife. It was there about 25 minutes before arriving to the Pan Am Boeing. Also, for the same reason. So also had to move the device to Tenerife because of the bombing.

Pan Am aircraft was going too far

Around 15.00 pm it was released from Las Palmas airport. No bombs were found. The planes were therefore in Tenerife in the air again. The only problem was that the taxiway was used for all the aircraft that could fly on to Las Palmas. The runway was therefore also be used as a taxiway. The Pan Am aircraft was instructed to by taxi to a certain exit. Then it may go flying by. However, the American airplane was driving too far. While KLM Boeing was working to full speed before the start, suddenly came from Pan Am device onto the runway. Because it was another foggy, captains saw each other appliances not. An interesting detail is the fact that also could not see the air traffic control what happened in the fog: the control tower was not equipped with radar for the jobs. Incidentally happened in the Dutch unit also something that explains the accident. When the KLM plane took off, it therefore had no permission. Moreover, two reports were not taken into account by a technique in which it is called heterodyne. The crew of the KLM only heard a high whistle and not what Pan Am was reported. Flight Engineer Willem Schreuder of the KLM aircraft could hear the traffic on the Pan Am aircraft asked to report as soon as it left the runway. Schreuder therefore asked his captain or the Pan Am aircraft was of the runway. Although it was not so, but knowing the captain Veldhuyzen van Zanten indicated that this was the case.

Panic and a final way to save what can be saved

The crew of Pan Am noticed at one point the KLM plane to come storms. The captain then tried the phone sharply to the left to turn off the runway, but to no avail. An attempt of Veldhuyzen van Zanten to fly over the US by plane take off at tremendous speed, failed. The tail of the plane made by the great power a hole of 22 meters in the runway. The nose of the KLM plane missed the Pan Am, but the engines and landing gear crashed into the roof of the American plane and hit it in the right. A part of the hull of the Pan Am-Boeing was torn apart. The KLM Boeing flew 150 meters and crashed on the runway. Both aircraft caught fire. The KLM plane came all the fourteen passengers and crew members. In the Pan Am aircraft were at first 70 survivors, but nine of them deceased later still in the hospital. Among them, nine of the 16 crew members. Pan Am captain Victor Grubbs and his co-pilot Robert Bragg were among the survivors.

RIT emerge from disaster Tenerife

Obviously, had the people in the airplanes are identified and recovered. A team of people dwelt there doing. From this experience, later the Disaster Identification Team occur. The team was later also used in the Bijlmer disaster.

Survivors from the Netherlands

Because the occupants of the aircraft were living throughout the Netherlands, there was no question of a collective mourning. That was sad, because the aircraft were sometimes whole families, or half the families that left many people in the Netherlands.

Foundation Relatives Victims Tenerife

Because the people who remained with their grief actually had nothing to fall back on and the first commemoration took place only in 2002, it looked for the survivors of the disaster had never happened. While she did have to make every day with this bereavement. To the disaster to provide a place in Dutch history as the Foundation Relatives Victims Tenerife was founded. First task was to create a memorial. This monument came and consists of a 18 meter high spiral staircase towards the sky. Stairway to Heaven, is made by the artist Rudi van de Wint. This monument stands on Tenerife. In addition, the foundation has the effect of bringing people together in their grief contract entered and were able to share.

Escaped the disaster: Robina van Lanschot

Robina van Lanschot was the only one who escaped the disaster in Amsterdam She stepped in and had as destination Tenerife. She would, however, fly to Las Palmas and take a flight to Tenerife. The landing they could leave the plane immediately and she was at the place of destination. Her colleague and expectant sister Yvonne Wessels, however, did come to life in the disaster.

Disaster Malaysia Airlines on July 17, 2014

Netherlands, on July 17, 2014 shaken by a disaster of proportions. Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 with 280 passengers and 15 crew on board, left around noon to the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, but was there in all probability from the sky shot over Ukraine. The flight was carried out by Malaysia Airlines and KLM flight numbers respectively MH17 and KL4103. Certainly, there were 154 Dutch death. Of 47 passengers was on July 17 the nationality is not yet known. Additionally certainly died 27 Australians, 23 Malaysians, 11 Indonesians, six Britons, four Germans, four Belgians, three Philippines and one Canadian. The Boeing was probably shot down by an anti-aircraft missile.