The airbag, how it works, and where is it used?

fr1so 19-02-2018 Auto
A few liters of air can make the difference between life and death. The airbag is popular nowadays and pops up everywhere, even outside the car.


After the airbag in the car, there are now plans to install an airbag on the outside. When the windshield, to be exact. Why? Because many cyclists come to the window in a collision with a car with their head. An air bag on the hood might protect them. But do not think the car is the only place where you can find an airbag. Inventors are getting creative in coming up with solutions for the air sacs.

Air absorbs

A logical step for the airbag is that of the car to the engine. In October 2005 Honda presented the very first motorcycle airbag. The principle is the same as with a car: when a collision fills the air bag in a fraction of a second gas. For example, if a motorcyclist collides with the side of a car, his head would normally be hit by the glass. But with an air bag the bike is picked up. Also, the forward speed is partly 'absorbed'. As a driver of his bike slung, it does so with less momentum. And that's safer.

Tram is wallpapered

Also in the adquate the airbag may soon be introduced. Travelers Organisation Rover presented last February a plan for a tram airbag. Who would come to the outside of the tram. Because a few times a year, ends a walker or cyclist under the unwieldy colossus. The trams are therefore at the front already equipped with a kind of 'scoop'. But there are still those who arrive under the tram, for example through the side. Airbags can do that kind of accident, according Rover fade it. But whether the air bags will only appear in a collision, or will always be present, is still unclear.

Airbag supports athlete

Airbags are not just handy for traffic. In other places they are true gold. On the track, for instance, or rather next to it. Because off-piste skiing is not without risk: avalanches always lurk. An airbag can significantly increase the chances of survival of such a shift snow. How does that work? As a skier you wear a backpack. When an avalanche pull on a cord. Therefore come one or more airbags is like a parachute from the pack. Which give you 150 liters of extra volume, reducing the chance of ending up on top of the avalanche increases. Think of it as a life jacket for the snow.
The airbag has been produced by different companies. Cost: between 400 and 800 euros. Another location where you do not get an airbag might expect, the maneg. Yet there is such a thing as a 'rider airbag. This is not strange. Because a fall from a horse can end badly. The airbag for riders is a vest. The rider pulls it over his other clothing, and attach a special cord to the saddle. If he falls off his horse, tightening the cord activates a small gas cylinder. Within half a second late to the vest filled with compressed CO 2 gas flows. You see, the airbag jumps into increasingly dangerous situations appear to catch you. The invention makes the lives of riders, skiers, cyclists, hikers and bikers a lot safer.

How does an airbag?

  • In a cavity in the steering wheel is a thin nylon bag folded neatly. In a collision, sensors detect the impact when a collision. Because the shock data of all crash tests made during the test, are stored on a microchip.
  • The sensors send a signal to an electric ignition mechanism. That ignite grains of sodium azide. The granules produce a gas which is under high pressure. Within 0.03 seconds, the airbag is inflated. He presses the sleeve that lies above it away.
  • In order to prevent the motorist or choking is flattened, there is a number of holes in the airbag. Therefore he deflates within 0.2 seconds.