The Airlander 50, a new type of airship

From 2016 there is a new type of airship flying over our heads. This is the Airlander 50, an English invention by a unique use of aerodynamics and air resistance, potentially for weeks in air may linger. If you look at the photo of the Airlander 50 you will initially think that this is a new type of airship. Yet this is not where the British company Hybrid Air Vehicles to impress with their design Airlander 50. The company makes so-called hybrid airships, airships that combine elements of both lighter than air technology as heavier than air technology.

Lighter than air

Let's first explain what these concepts even further. LTA refers to the technology that is used in, inter alia, hot air balloons. These are gases which are lighter than air, which is lighter than air. Because they are so light, the gases hovering. HTA then refers back to everything flying in the air that is heavier than the air, including airplanes and helicopters. These make use of motors to be able to stay in the air. Hybrid Air Vehicles wants its hybrid airships combine the best elements of both technologies.
LTA airships are relatively inexpensive to use, because there is simply no engine is involved, but they are not strong enough to carry too big loads. At HTA you can, but the problem again is that it cost a fortune to maintain such an aircraft in the air.

Unique airship

The Airlander 50 uses a combination of LTA and HTA, in combination with specially developed aerodynamics, which ensure that the airship can make use of air streams to remain for a long time in the air. In addition, the airship has a base as you sometimes see in airships. The ship can in this chassis countries, which makes it possible to convert the Airlander 50 vertical to the ground. Thus, the countries can be on any flat surface. Not only at airports but also on snow, in a wooded area or wherever. Thus, the Airlander 50 can transport goods to areas where help is needed, but where normal aircraft can not reach. The huge size of the airship, though 119 meters long will be, it can thereby also transport more goods than for example a helicopter.

Trial version

We are working hard in a huge warehouse in England at the Airlander 50, which has to make its first flight in 2018. Before that time, it comes in a smaller trial, the Airlander 10, in the air, next year to be exact. Because this ship can remain a long period in the air, it is planning to use it as a mobile phone mast, which should ensure that there can be communicated in mobile worse accessible areas. The Airlander 10 is used at the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, as a kind of satellite telecommunications platform that is going to ensure that the images of the Games will soon go all over the world.