The aqueduct, viaduct and ecoduct

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If you ever travel by car will no doubt sometimes comes an aqueduct, viaduct or ecoduct against. If you ever go by train, it may be simply that you are going over a viaduct. Aqueducts were already used in the Roman times, but where these three variants are actually good for? In this article you can read more about the aqueduct, viaduct and wildlife crossing.


The word viaduct is divided into two words to mean also road and duct means also may suffer. It is a way to include land, railways or cars passing over. The most crossovers are built to connect land parts to each other at a certain height. So find one water often under a viaduct and can with the overpass to get to the other side. A viaduct is usually very long and has the ability to go underneath. A viaduct is therefore actually a large bridge, the highest is to be found in China. The Hutong Bridge is 345 meters the highest in the world. In the Netherlands, most crossovers are built around of 5.60 meters. At lower overpasses are signs posted with the headroom, but still it is quite common for a vehicle that is too high are stuck in an underpass.
An overpass where some cyclists go over it is usually called simply a bicycle bridge.


The aqueduct was invented for the times of the Romans. The Romans made much use of flyovers in order to get water to villages. The water ran through this stone gullies where one could pass underneath. An aqueduct is therefore as it were, a water pipe above the ground, where the traffic can pass underneath. The name also can be divided into aqua meaning water and duct deduce what the word ducere which sometimes lead means. Outside traffic, there are also aqueducts across the water, so there are two different levels of water. The aqueducts were getting bigger so that eventually ships over could.
In the Netherlands there are several aqueducts, in many cases there is a tunnel for cars underneath. There used in the Netherlands compared with other countries find little crossovers. This because the Netherlands is flat and there around the city is everywhere to find enough water.
In Arizona is an aqueduct built to be 541km long, this is the longest that has been built so far.


For the wildlife crossing several names are like:
  • wilviaduct
  • animals viaduct
  • natuurverbinding
  • ecopassage
  • wild bill
  • nature mountain
At a wildlife crossing, the traffic under the bridge passed through so that the animals can over it. These are connections between natural areas so that animals can cross safely. Eco stands for ecosystem which means an interaction of organism. Examples of ecosystem example, a forest with plants and animals that live together in one area. Some ecoducts also in natural areas where you can walk or ride.
There are also ecombiducten. This is a wildlife crossing which also has a wild tunnel. This tunnel is mostly for smaller animals such as rabbits and toads. Through the tunnel, the animals are usually less disruption of traffic.
In places where a wildlife crossing is too expensive is sometimes made of a wild warning. Here there are certain passages where animals can cross. They come around there, then the driver is alerted via signs along road.