The best winter 2012/2013

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Winter tires, some wonder what they're good for it, others swear by it. In the Netherlands, they are not required. Our country faces no real winter weather conditions and if you also do not annual the car traveling to the winter, the snow tires are not needed. It is believed, at least generally. This article about the use of winter tires and also list of the Consumers with the best winter of 2012/2013. Driving to the resort today means automatic purchasing winter tires. In Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Italy and Switzerland, the bands namely compulsory. Without winter tires you can incur a hefty fine if you cause an accident, even if it's not your fault. In addition, the insurer may rely on joint liability and gross negligence ?? ?? and refuse compensation for the damage.


Winter tires are also just a lot safer in winter weather. The rubber of a winter tire is softer and the profile is coarser. That means more grip on the road in a winter climate. The braking is better. At a speed of 50 km / h in a car with winter tires 30 meters to come to a stop on a snowy road surface, while the car with summer tires mattered about 60 meters.


A set of four winter tires cost between 300-400 ??. Then there are the steel wheels because the alloy wheels are not always calculated on winter conditions like snow and brine. When there are no rims be purchased, it is important to balance the wheels turn at every exchange. Graragehouders also ask ?? 100-200 per year for the conversions. Ideally, you exchange the tires in November and March. There are also four season tires that may be an alternative to the monthly rotation of tires. According to the consumer is, however, a poor compromise ?? ??. In the summer they perform slightly better than winter tires in winter better than summer tires.

EU label

As of November 1, 2012, the bonds bear the EU label. This label tells you about the grip on the road, noise and fuel consumption. Tires have in fact influence the fuel consumption of the car. An A-class tire saves about 7.5% fuel compared to a G-class band. Further, the braking distance from 30 meters when you brake with an A or an F grade band. It is also important to check tire pressure regularly. This saves fuel and wear.

What are the best winter 2012/2013?

Top 5 Tyre size 165/70 R14 T
Top 5 Tyre size 205/55 R16 H
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