The Boeing 727: Facts and figures

The Boeing 727 was a huge success! The best-selling device of its time. In this article, the facts and figures are discussed in this model.

History Boeing 727

The Boeing 727 can be seen as the successor of the four-engine Boeing 707. For more information on the Boeing 707? Click here.
The Boeing 727 was the first aircraft in commercial aviation with three engines, a T-shaped tail. The 727 is the best selling aircraft in the first period, 30 years, from the beginning of the JET era., Jet engines. This period began in 1952 with the introduction of the British de Havilland Comet and then the Boeing 707. However, the 727 broke sales records.
Development of the 727 started from the early 60s, and ended in 1984. A remarkably long period! There were only equipped with 250 sets, but were eventually more than 1500 ... .Uit Research shows that were still in use 1300 devices in 2001, which of course says something about the quality and durability of the device.
The hull of the 727 is the same as that of the 707. However, the 727 has three motors instead of 4. This is not only more economical but also perform better. The 727 offered the luxury of the 707, but in the short to medium range. Nor could ascend the 727 airports / countries with shorter start / runway, which the device even more appealing.
Like any aircraft is a model constantly renewed, improved and adapted to the current needs and questions. It all started with the Boeing 727-100. However, only four years after the introduction of the Boeing 727-100 came with a longer version on the market: the Boeing 727-200, which made its first flight in 1967. This model could bring only more passengers: The flying range shrank.
As indicated previously, the production ceased only in 1984. The reason was that the 727 was surpassed by other successful model of Boeing: Boeing 737. Boeing was no longer attractive to fabricate the 727 longer.

The Boeing 727 today

Nowadays, there are less and less used. In Europe, the 727 present a rare case, but it is still flown in the US. The device is very popular and suitable for transporting freight. Therefore, more and more old 727 aircraft converted into a cargo plane, and especially for FedEx and DHL. The motors are often replaced by quieter and more fuel efficient ones, to still meet the requirements.

Boeing 727 specifications

Boeing 727-100
  • Wingspan: 32.90 m
  • Length: 40.60 m
  • Height: 10.36 m
  • Capacity: Up to 131 passengers, two stewards / stewardesses
  • Weight: 36.500 kg
  • Cruising speed: 917 km / h
  • Flight range with passengers 5000 km
  • Total production: 582 pieces

Boeing 727-200
  • Wingspan: 32.90 m
  • Length: 46.70 m
  • Height: 10.36 m
  • Capacity: Up to 189 passengers
  • Weight: 45.360 kg
  • Cruising speed: 865 km / h
  • Flight range, with passengers: 3.956 to 4450 km
  • Total production: 1,249 pieces