The Boeing 747, the Jumbo Jet

The giant of a Boeing 747, who does not know him? For many airlines, this is the aircraft for mass transportation over long distances. Because of its capacity and typical appearance this aircraft is also known as a jumbo jet.
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In 1966, production of the 747-100 launched. Pan American had then expressed interest in 25 of these aircraft. The prototype made on February 9, 1969 its first flight. Pan Am opened on January 22, 1970 its first commercial service between London and New York. Production rose to 205 copies of the 747-100, this standard could carry up to 276 passengers. The 747SP is the long-range version, which it could carry 440 passengers. 747SP represents the special preformance. This version is considerably shorter than 747-100 and has a higher vertical fin. The 747SP first flew on July 4, 1975, there were 45 units were built. Later this unit also proved popular as a VIP aircraft.
The 747SP followed the second series 747 namely 747-200 series. This unit was 10% heavier than the 747-100. The advantage of this version is the greater capacity for cargo, he also has a longer range. This series was first put into service by KLM in February 1971. Lufthansa 747-200F built from April 1972. This is a 747-200 cargo plane with a nose door. The second cargo variant was built with a hull door, this was the 747-200SD.
The third series of the 747s were 747-300. It has an extended upper deck for passengers, this aircraft is also known as the 747. This box first flew on October 5, 1982. Eventually there were 81 of these aircraft completed. Also in this series, there were several variations, including for military transport. In addition, this unit also served as a flying command posts for the US Air Force.
The 747-400 was unveiled in September 1984. This is a great improvement compared to the previous models. In the construction, there is often made of composite materials. In addition, there were mounted winglets and an extra fuel tank. There were only two pilots needed. The first flight this unit on April 29, 1988.
Of the 747, there are already more than 1000 pieces built. There are several versions around, namely cargo planes, combinations, versions for extra passengers and also versions with increased MTOW. Still improvements are underway on versions of the 747, including the 747-8. On March 20, 2011 is the first 747-8 fly. This is the biggest competitor to the Airbus A380. The advantage of this is that the 747-8 is longer than the Airbus A380. This may result in about 51 more passengers transported.




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