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OV chip card is a lot lately in the news. What exactly is an OV chip card and how are they cracked? In this article you will find answers to those questions. The government promised that the card in January in the Netherlands will be in use. The chip card is a joint initiative of the five largest public transport companies in the Netherlands, namely Connexxion, GVB, HTM, NS and RET. These companies have created the TLS together. The TLS promoted the release and production of the chip card.
The TLS takes the main advantage of the chip card which they can see passengers travel behavior well. This allows them to take into account the number of trains to / from a specific city. If it's really busy on a particular route, it is helpful to have an extra train ride there. The OV ?? chip cost the government so ?? s 115 million, but feels that it has been worthwhile. For travelers, the main advantage is the automatic payments and the cheapening of public transport.

Various types of smartcards

Each carrier has it own chip, but all types of smart cards can be used for any mode of transport. There are three types of chip cards.
  • personal smart cards, those that are linked to the owner and are not interchangeable. This card can be recharged, for example, by direct debit.
  • anonymous smart card, as the word implies, is not associated with a particular person and are therefore interchangeable. A disadvantage of the anonymous chip card that the passenger can not count on a discount. Also, this chip card is to charge a variety of ways, including direct debit.
  • disposable cards, cardboard cards that you can see as a sort of voucher. They can be used on certain specified dates and are sold separately.

  • News about the OV ?? smart card

    Students of the Amsterdam university, the University of Amsterdam, there are mid-2007 managed to disposable cards of OV ?? chip to crack. They were able to reset the disposable cards in order to adapt as the date and time of the card so that the card is usable eternally.
    The NS has decided that the ability to travel on balance, with the personal and anonymous smart card, do not want to make too big, because according to the NS had shown that the introduction of this in the train is too complicated. Or the NS continues to work with disposable cards.
    In December 2007 there will be two German hackers with the message that they have cracked the entire chip. With approximately one hundred euros in equipment the smart card can be hacked, according to the Germans.
    In early 2008 the association ROVER trip comes with the message that the use of the smart card is delayed until the system is completely proven safe.
    A student from the Radboud University Nijmegen has managed to mimic the disposable cards with a simple device. The TLS says it this type of fraud have been detected and corrected.
    In March it was reported that German hackers also managed with a normal PC. If this message is true, all people can hack the chip card in the Netherlands.
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    I have a rechargeable chip card. But the balance will be automatically charged if it is under? 5 comes. What I like about that journey? 15 costs and the balance is? 10. How then to handle? I must balance keeping an eye on? What, then, automatically charging the utility? Is it not wiser to ensure that instance. After each trip the balance is again upgraded to say? 50? Sincerely, Wim Bronze