The differences and similarities between Pixo and Alto

The Nissan Pixo car one of twins. The other is the fact Alto! They are both this year, in 2009, entered the market. What are the differences between the cars and what the similarities? What can I buy?

The Nissan Pixo and Suzuki Alto

The Pixo and Alto are two completely new models, and will compete for Nissan and Suzuki for a place in the large market of small cars. The Alto and Pixo are new and refreshing appearance and share different things with each other.
The Alto and Pixo cost-effective price for their class. It scales well and have long gears allowing the consumption of the car is pleasantly low. They also have a low emission namely 103 grams per kilometer. In the baggage room of the cars can not reveal much more than three shopping bags. That's unfortunate, but to be expected in a small car like this.

What are the differences?

At first glance you might see little difference between the Pixo and Alto. In appearance they resemble each other. It is not for nothing twins!
But there are still differences, namely:
  • The Alto is available in more colors
  • The Alto you can totally pimp in the style you want! Almost anything is possible!
  • The Pixo has a richer basic equipment
  • The appearance of the Pixo is shaped slightly differently than the Alto

These are short way said the main differences between the two cars.

What are the similarities?

There are obviously a lot of similarities, because this is the deal for twin car.
These are the main ones:
  • The motor is the same
  • Available in three uitrustingsniveaus's
  • Same chassis

What can I best buy?

That is difficult to say. The light just totally up to what you need in the car. Going for a basic car, then you are probably best off with the Pixo, because it has a slightly richer standard equipment. But if you expect more than just the basics, and might want a small sports car of it then you better go for the Alto. Which can draw almost totally pimp suits. There are many possibilities.
Also, the purchase price of the car can, and where the location of the dealer in play with the selection of the car. If one dealer is closer than the other, you could also opt for a little convenience.
The best just look and compare and figure out which car best suits you.