The history of the Opel GT

The first model Opel GT is seen by many as the European answer to the Chevrolet Corvette, which is not strange considering the very similar appearance. Although the car strong similarities with the Corvette displayed in appearance, it is a totally different car with its own loyal collectors.

Origin of the Opel GT

In 1965 the first Opel GT for the first time presented in Paris and Frankfurt as a testament to the prowess of the design department of Opel. The car had already largely the same form as the subsequent final Opel GT, but the square headlights of this version from 1965 be happily replaced by the later round versions. The rear seats were omitted in the final Opel GT. As the ultimate design feature the final version would have the typical round pivoting headlamps as soon as flips were automatically entered into. This was the first time that this is so applied in a car: Jaguar would use this later a time in one of their own models.
Given the good response which was given the design study at the auto shows, it was decided to take the model into production, where it was based on the existing Opel Kadett B to save money. In this form, the car would eventually reach the market in September 1958. The customer could choose with the introduction of two different engines: the standard 1100 engine, or the optional engine in 1900. The 1.1L engine previously offered a power 67pk, what a top of 157km / h was possible. With a 1.9L engine was 102pk with a top speed of so ?? n 185km / h. The American variant of the 1.9L GT had to do it because of environmental requirements with less horsepower: 83pk could only be removed. Most buyers moreover chose the latter motor, which is in contrast to the 1,100 still yield reasonable performance.


The first few hundred GT ?? s were still made by hand, something that was quickly stopped. The bodies were later not made at Opel itself, but here suppliers were selected, who produced and painted bodies at Opel flank where further afbouwde car.
In 1970 Opel stopped manufacturing of the unpopular 1100 version, replacing this with a new alternative model cheaper: the GT / J. This did have the 1900 engine, but had to cut it with a simpler interior and big black bumpers on the outside, instead of the beautiful chrome bumpers of the more expensive version. The bulk of the GT / J ?? s incidentally went to America, where the car in two different types of yellow, orange or blue could be delivered.
In 1973, Opel would eventually stop the production of the Opel GT. This is due to a confluence of a number of things. Firstly, the suppliers to the body were bought by Renault, secondly, the model was ready for a new expensive modernization in connection with the old-looking appearance and US environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. There was still designed a prototype of a new Opel GT, GT2, but it would never come into production. In 1970, there were created two so-called Aero ?? s, the Aero was a targa version of the Opel GT. Eventually, a total of no 3600 GT 1100 ?? s are made, and no 11 000 GT / J ?? s. The largest part of the total of 103.500 built Opel GT ?? s ?? s consisted of GT 1900.

New Opel GT

In 2007, Opel introduced a new Opel GT to come as the successor to the Opel Speedster. This car was built in the US in the same factory and on the same platform as the Saturn Sky and the Pontiac Solstice. Because of this could be saved in the development of the car. Although the two brothers of the new GT from different engines could choose, there was this new GT only one option: a 2.0L engine which gave the car a top speed of 229km / h with 260pk of power. In total there would be this car just as ?? n 7500 produced, in 2009 production ceased already in connection with the lifting of the Saturn and Pontiac brands.


Although nowadays unfortunately a lot of GT's are encrypted and rebuilt, there are still beautiful originals to find an acceptable price. A well-restored 1900 can already be found for around 10,000 euros, GT / J goes off for much less. The last model GT from 2007 to 2009 is available now for around 25,000 euros.