The Lexus GS 450h, a hybrid limousine

cello107 15-01-2018 Auto
In 2006, Lexus came up with a world first. The first luxury sedan with a hybrid drive. In 2011 again appeared the fourth generation of the GS 450h. The Japanese take with this model against the Mercedes E-Class, the BMW 5 Series and Audi A6. What is it like to drive a day in this upscale Japanese? The fourth generation GS looks sharper and sleeker than its predecessor, but the basic shape has changed little. He has grown several inches in all directions, and yet turned 50 kilos lighter. The GS is in appearance a modest car.

Successful interior

The interior of the GS is very successful. The dashboard has beautiful wavy lines and looks frivolous than its German rivals BMW and Audi. The centerpiece is a beautiful analog clock, centrally on the dashboard. The strips painted wood give the interior an upscale look. The Japanese are not happy with this shot, especially with the Piano Black color ?? ?? it is definitely not kitschy.
Especially nice is the wood on the center console under the dashboard. There are two cupholders under a wood-lined cover. This luxury class involves details how it feels and sounds and even how it smells. Lexus knows this and has ensured that pressing it the opposite requires enough resistance to feel good. And then the door opens with a luxurious delay.
Despite these fine details look while driving most to the display. The screen is beautifully incorporated into a cavity enclosed by the smooth lines of the dashboard. The info screen you control with a square, flat-topped joystick, which feels like the mouse of your computer. It generally works fine, only for entering an address Audi and BMW, the knobs of his simply faster.
All in all there like a prince in this car. The seats are huge, especially wide and the space is huge. Headroom is even for people over 1 meter 90 in copious amounts. Only those who are poor on the outskirts of will lay the door during a monotonous highway driving, discovered that that edge is just too high, so that your arm is slightly oblique.

Comfort and Convenience

The car is equipped with all kinds of handy helpers: a reversing camera, lighting that automatically aanfloept in tunnels and windshield wipers when they feel wetness, automatic deletion. The wipers themselves are, however, a point of criticism. This probably come from the shelves of Toyota and miss the majestic sweep example Audi does. Perhaps the nails at low tide looking to complain about the sweep of the wipers, but Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus are so good and are so close together that will count those details.
At the turn to Lexus, I can not get used to: chosen instead of a mechanical system, Lexus has an electronic system that works as follows: small flick and it blinks three times, normal tap and it continues to flash until you have passed the bend again . The problem is that there is no clear resistance between the two positions. Regularly tap him too far if you want to pass on the highway. he remains, and you tend to tip him back, making you right blinker on. An unnecessary irritation because the old mechanical system with a physical resistance is much more pleasant. Lexus is here perhaps a little too far from beaten in the search for comfort and convenience.

What does Lexus?

It has everything to do with the struggle Lexus leads to conquer a place between Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Lexus belongs sure when, but has no clear identity. BMW stands for sporty, Mercedes and Audi for comfortable sitting in between. What does Lexus? Lexus is the alternative: no German and a little different than the other three. Lexus hybrid pioneer who says saving motors do not necessarily have to be diesels, it can be different.


The GS 450h is the powerhouse among the hybrids. Under the hood is a V6 engine with 293 horsepower backed by a 200 hp electric motor. You can these two faculties of course not just add up, but a maximum power of 343 hp, which generates this combination is huge. Insert going full throttle on the highway with an impressive acceleration.


Hybrid means at Toyota and Lexus also however a CVT gearbox. This variable transmission is an ideal combination with a hybrid, but is also the biggest stumbling block for the old-fashioned petrol head. A CVT is responding once aloof on the gas than a car with a conventional gearbox. When you accelerate with a CVT, follows a fixed high speed which decreases again when the desired speed is reached. The monotonous sound does not quite match the acceleration and is unnatural. But this is hardly a disadvantage for the GS 450h. This car has so much power that you do not have an eye in normal use you drive with a CVT. In addition, a V6 always sounds nice, even at an unnatural speed course.
The GS450h is a limousine, not a sports car. If you ride him like a limousine, the CVT is a blessing. With ease you'll accelerate into one smooth motion at highly illegal speeds. Only if you want to drive it like a sports car, you'll find yourself in corners each have just a fraction too late when accelerating. That is simply the disadvantage of a CVT. Again, it's not a sports car and this small sacrifice is amply compensated in your wallet.

Three positions

Sports or not, if you wish, that hard. The hybrid GS has three settings which you adjusts with a rotary knob on the center console. Eco, normal and sport. The sport mode provides sensation but also what makes the car more nervous. Eco mode gets the kernel out, but if the worst asks you can with a kickdown still use power. If you want you can also exclusively electric driving up to 50 km / h.


Despite its overwhelming power and acceleration feel at all that you're on the road with a tough guy. 1800 kilo is not nothing. Yet he sends light and reasonably precise. The advantage of all that weight is that you feel invincible to drive a battleship. The silence and tranquility on board is overwhelming, even thresholds are processed in absolute silence, an achievement of Lexus. In addition, fuel consumption especially: one at 15 and must be a heavyweight with 343 hp is amazingly low.

Technical data

  • Lexus GS 450h Businesse Line ?? 61490
  • Engine: 3456 cc V6 combined with 200 hp electric motor
  • Combined output: 343 hp
  • Mass: 1795 kg
  • Luggage space: 458 l.
  • Top speed: 250 km / h
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km / h in 5.9 seconds
  • Consumption average 1: 16.9